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Midsection of a strong man carrying box. Moving boxes are piled on the floor.

Plan ahead and consult family for smoother moves

Senior housing expert offers tips for safe moving during COVID-19
Mick Garry 7 min read
Over the shoulder view of mature adult woman talking with her smiling senior parents via mobile phone video chat during coronavirus quarantine in living room of house in times of social distancing to stay safe and healthy.

Long-distance caregiving brings unique challenges

Find support while caring for an aging loved one separated by social distancing
Good Samaritan Society Staff 4 min read
A nurse in a face mask and gloves helps an older woman stretch her arms in her home.

Pandemic has increased demand for home based services

Home health services can help you stay safe at home longer
Good Samaritan Society Staff 4 min read
An elderly woman's hands rest in her lap, while a hospital bracelet sits on her wrist

Delirium disrupts patients’ lives, but it may be prevented

Learn what hospitals are doing to thwart this common state of confusion
Jane Thaden Lawson 10 min read
Occupational therapist Michaela McCaskell at her desk with beach balls on a table behind her.

Happy rehab patient benefits from expert therapy care

Occupational therapy continued through pandemic to heal shoulder from surgery
Aubrey Gilbert 4 min read
Collage of two nurses standing and smiling in different offices

Providing home care for coronavirus patients part of the job

“We have all the equipment we need to go into homes and feel 100% safe”
Mick Garry 6 min read
Experts suggest walking and other forms of physical, mental exercise can slow progression of Alzheimer's disease.

Exercise, social time can slow progression of Alzheimer’s

People who get out and walk daily keep their brains healthy for a longer time
Simon Floss 10 min read
Two Sanford Health staff members sit in a living room facing a video camera.

Good Samaritan Society takes phased approach to reopening

Regional VP: Visitors are on hold until local reopening requirements are met
Simon Floss 6 min read

Equine therapy boosts spirits with horse power

Sanford Health, Good Samaritan Society welcome horse visitors to Windom location
Simon Floss 6 min read
Krisann Hoskins poses with three nurses, all in face masks. She is holding a sign that says "I kicked COVID's butt!"

Resident beats the odds to recover from COVID-19

She's back home at Good Samaritan Society after hospital stay and plasma therapy
Aubrey Gilbert 6 min read