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Smiling female college student with backpack on lawn on college campus

College students: Find your dorm, then find a clinic

In the excitement of being on campus, don’t neglect health care needs
Simon Floss 5 min read
basektball player at Sanford Pentagon dribbles with referee in background

Sanford Pentagon joins campaign to stop ref abuse

Citing fan behavior, officials are leaving a growing youth sports industry
Mick Garry 22 min read
Happy boy in bright red glasses that match his shirt looks up from a harness where he practices physical therapy with an assistant.

Patient with cerebral palsy grows up with Sanford Children’s

Bismarck boy works with physical therapists to use power chair, improve independence
Jason Anschutz 6 min read
A Good Samaritan Society nursing home nurse in a surgical mask puts her hand on a resident's back to gently guide them down the hall.

100 acts of kindness celebrate 100 years of care

Good Samaritan Society in Iowa gives back with community service projects
Matt Holsen 5 min read
A Sanford Health patient in a wheelchair sits next to her husband in a green, tree-lined park.

Caregiver support group aims to help those who help others

Group of cancer patient caregivers provides advice, comfort, emotional support
Jason Anschutz 8 min read
A young woman in a headscarf sits outside her front door.

Sanford supports the future workforce beyond the classroom

Classrooms to Careers helps students through networking and financial assistance
Simon Floss 6 min read
Nursing home administrator and nurse chat in a warmly lit hallway as part of mobile clinic visits.

Mobile clinic helps long-term care and end-of-life patients

The post-acute and community services clinic meets patients where they are
Simon Floss 7 min read
Mature man in a hat and jacket grins while seated for chemo treatment.

Prescription assistance program offers discount medicine

Cancer patient has saved thousands of dollars, kept up treatment uninterrupted
Simon Floss 6 min read
Aerial view of Bismarck, North Dakota, with Sanford Health Medical Center nestled among tree-lined streets.

Sanford Health celebrates 10 years in Bismarck region

Health system has invested $300 million in the area since 2012, with more planned for future
Jason Anschutz 6 min read
Sanford Children's Hospital lobby with soaring ceilings, banners and chanedeliers make it look like a castle.

Henry Carlson Jr. built an enduring legacy at Sanford Health

For nearly a century, Henry Carlson Co. has partnered with Sanford Health on landmark facilities
Kelsey Billion 7 min read