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older adult couple walking through flowering trees

Managing mental well-being after COVID-19 quarantine

Identifying healthy quarantine habits key to easing anxiety of re-entry
Simon Floss Simon Floss 9 min read
Dr. Chery Hysjulien, Dr. Lyndsey Harper and Dr. Shelby Terstriep stand together during their efforts on the Rosy app

Cancer & intimacy: Sanford docs add to an app for that

Oncologist and psychologist host video classes on Rosy sexual health resource
Jane Thaden Lawson Jane Thaden Lawson 11 min read
Hands of a male hold a mobile phone in front of a laptop

2 screens aren’t better than 1: Danger of media multitasking

Dr. Leichter says limiting screen time can help your cognitive performance
Simon Floss Simon Floss 5 min read
mom parenting child

Parenting tips: How to talk tragedies with your kids

First, listen to what they say and questions they ask
Makayla Disburg Makayla Disburg 6 min read
A grandmother and her granddaughter dance in a living room

Ways to nurture your child’s self-esteem

Children benefit in many ways when they feel good about themselves
Parenting Services Parenting Services 4 min read
Anxiety: Young man sitting at table anxiously

Addiction can intensify in pandemic, but try to connect

Sanford behavioral health experts: Try new ways to cope, and seek help if needed
Simon Floss Simon Floss 5 min read
A man sits up on the edge of his bed, after not getting good sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep during the pandemic

Increased anxiety can cause vivid dreams, but sleep quality can be improved
Keeley Meier Keeley Meier 8 min read
A health care worker wearing a face mask takes a tag from a poster titled "Take What You Need"

Employee encouragement at Sanford, Good Samaritan Society

During a stressful time, adding bright spots like self-care bingo can help
Simon Floss Simon Floss 7 min read
A woman holds a pen and notepad on her lap, in a portrait of journaling

Journaling can improve mental health and wellness

Writing down your thoughts once a day can help you gain control of your emotions
SHN Staff SHN Staff 5 min read
Employee health staff members wearing masks hold a poster with hearts that spell out EMPLOYEE HEALTH: WE ARE HERE FOR YOU in a sign of encouragement

Sanford, Good Samaritan Society offer extra employee support

Physical, financial and emotional support programs expand during pandemic
Simon Floss Simon Floss 6 min read