man holding ankle with joint pain

Managing joint pain and treatments: Podcast

39 min  ⋅ July 2nd
"A lot of times the patient says, 'I wish I would have done this earlier'"

Running/triathlon training: Podcast

1 min  ⋅ March 14th
Running outdoors and training for a triathlon takes plenty of hard work and commitment to training. In this program, experts from the Sanford Wellness Center, Meghan Glover, personal trainer and Kathy Grady, triathlon coach, discuss helpful tips in training for outdoor running and to start you on the right road to signing up and completing your […]
Donella Herman, M.D., and Kate Higgins, Psy.D. to talk concussions

Concussions and sports medicine: Podcast

2 min  ⋅ February 14th
In the competitive world of athletics, the quest to go faster and jump higher makes athletes perform at a level never-before thought of. At these levels, athletes can be at increased risks for injury and concussions. Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is one of the largest providers of sports medicine expert care to athletes and teams. Concussions […]
two people talking

The science of improving your golf game: Podcast

2 min  ⋅ January 31st
Golf is a game of complex movements, and resulting golf injuries can be very complex to identify. These injuries may keep you from returning to the game and may affect other areas of your life as well. The Sanford POWER Golf Academy is a collaborative program that leverages golf experts with expertise in sports physical […]

Back and neck pain causes and cures: Podcast

2 min  ⋅ October 25th
If your back or neck has caused you pain, you’re not alone. “Research has shown that 70 to 80 percent of us will experience it at some point in our life,” said Tom Boetel, D.O., of the Sanford Spine Center. “One of the challenges of back pain is for a lot of people it is […]
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