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School-age boy dances in kitchen in red and white striped pajamas and socks. Behind him is a Happy Valentine's Day banner spelled out in heart shapes.

Keeping your heart emotionally healthy

Connect what you're thinking, feeling and doing, says pediatric chaplain
Sanford Fit 7 min read
familial hypercholesteremia: grandfather, father, son grill vegetables

Family matters: Inheriting high cholesterol

"What a relief to discover that you have a genetic change that is not your fault"
SHN Staff 5 min read
genetic testing: woman and her son playing board game

Genetics helps woman find the key to her future heart health

Jessica Pickett wanted to control her cholesterol, a health issue affecting her parents, too
Maria Stys, M.D. 5 min read
A mature Sanford Health patient in a casual suit poses in a sunny wooded area.

Heart screening catches hidden heart problems

Avid runner got swift surgical attention after Sanford Health discovered blockage
Erin Mairose 5 min read
Head and shoulders shot of Sanford Health Dr. Michele Pasierb

Sanford offers pediatric cardiology care close to home

Bismarck is latest community to gain children’s heart specialist
SHN Staff 4 min read
A girl, a boy and their grandma, who is a Sanford Health heart patient, decorate a Christmas tree inside near the front door.

SD’s first valve-in-valve procedure benefits Sanford patient

After 21 heart surgeries, busy grandmother welcomes minimally invasive approach
Mick Garry 9 min read
A man bundled in work boots shovels snow after a blizzard.

Preparation key to preventing injury while shoveling snow

Warm up and watch your posture to reduce the risks from a winter chore
SHN Staff 3 min read
Closeup of a Sanford Health provider's hand holding a pacemaker against a heart diagram. The silver object is only about the size of a large vitamin.

Bismarck patient receives smallest pacemaker in the world

New wireless device reduces complications found in other pacemakers
Erin Horn 5 min read
Mature Sanford Health patient wearing compression socks on his legs sits with his young granddaughter on deck stairs.

‘Leaky vein’ fix helps patient walk better

Minot man receives same-day procedure to reduce leg swelling, regain movement
Erin Horn 5 min read
Exterior of Sanford Bemidji Medical Center against a blue sky.

Heart attack survivor almost missed the warning signs

As Andy Freeman's story shows, signs of a heart attack can sometimes be subtle
SHN Staff 6 min read