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A family of four, including mom, a Sanford Health nurse, poses by a natural green backdrop.

Sanford nursing supervisor driven to build team leaders

Carrie Hawley supports team and patients as a leader and mentor
Ashley Schwab 7 min read
Jena VerSteeg smiles for the camera

Nurse manager leads and excels with team approach

"Truly what I love most is that passion for helping others"
Courtney Collen 5 min read
Sanford Health nurse smiles in front of a wall display of colorful paper hearts.

Home care nurse manager leads with a smile

Lisa Dean emphasizes approachability, kindness and laughter each day at work
Simon Floss 4 min read
Black and white image of smiling Sanford Health nurse reaching for an item on a shelf.

20 years later, nursing supervisor loves coming to work

"It is truly an amazing organization to work for"
Courtney Collen 5 min read
Sanford Health nurse Amanda Boock headshot

Career switch leads to meaningful work for ND nurse

LPN Amanda Boock finds her calling in taking care of others
Katie Wright 5 min read
Sanford Nurse wins award

Second-generation nurse leads in many roles

Chelsie Falk directs medical center, runs food program, works as EMT and more
Jason Anschutz 8 min read
Sanford nurse wearing glasses and stethoscope smiles behind her face mask in a hospital hallway.

Small-town hospital nurse serves patients and their families

Sarah Unke fulfills her calling to care for others as a nurse
Katie Wright 5 min read
Sanford nurse in scrubs and face mask uses a fingerprint scanner to open a medicine cabinet.

Sanford clinical care leader sees patient point of view

ICU charge nurse learns from spending time as a patient in her own unit
Mick Garry 6 min read
Nurses talking at station

Society nurse nabs honor for leadership during pandemic

Brittany Brees, RN, named National Ever Forward Leadership Champion
Matt Holsen 9 min read
Nurse taking care of resident

Society nurse passionate about serving the underserved

LPN Jenna Szymanski wins national award for providing incredible care
Matt Holsen 10 min read