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Nate Malloy posing in front of Sanford Profile signage

Nate Malloy: ‘Profile changes lives’

Meet an early leader of Sanford weight loss & health coaching business
Jared Leighton Jared Leighton 8 min read
Two Ph.D. student researchers in lab coats point at a computer screen in the lab.

Want to work at Sanford Research? Here is some advice

NIH researchers look back at their time as PhD students
Angie Vognild Angie Vognild 11 min read
Older woman talks with provider about genetics. Graphic in corner says "EXPLORING GENETICS."

Genetics helps find causes of mental illness

Geneticists can help ID family history, medicine choices and causes of symptoms
Ashley Schwab Ashley Schwab 5 min read
Four college students present under Technology Solutions banner at Sanford Health Tech Summit.

Students use game technology to rethink health challenges

Sanford Health Tech Summit gave college teams 24 hours to complete their designs
Avatar Michelle Erpenbach 4 min read
Adam Thielen scores a touchdown for the Minnesota Vikings with a Philadelphia Eagles player right behind him.

NFL Sanford Health athletes gather in Minneapolis

3 Vikings, 3 Eagles wear opposing uniforms but come together for community
Mick Garry Mick Garry 13 min read
ABA classroom setting. Group of elementary age children in art class with teacher sitting down at table, drawing.

Sanford Health Plan to offer ABA coverage in 2020

Applied Behavioral Analysis can be used as behavior therapy for autism patients
Shawn Neisteadt Shawn Neisteadt 3 min read
Woman purchasing supplements at clinic with flexible spending account money.

Flexible spending accounts: Ways to use that money

Average worker has $172 in flex dollars left at end of year
Mick Garry Mick Garry 6 min read
Young man with glasses holds a credit card and pays bills on his phone and laptop.

HSAs, FSAs and busting myths of health savings accounts

HSAs are misunderstood but important financial tools for health needs
Ashley Schwab Ashley Schwab 9 min read
Pediatrician checking tonsils of a little patient in hospital room.

Tonsillectomies: Updated guidelines for surgery and care

Doctors now recommend limiting who gets the surgery and how they manage pain
Mick Garry Mick Garry 4 min read
Amanda Tiede (left) and Jessica Candy (right) standing in front of a mural

Jessica Candy and Amanda Tiede exemplify teamwork

Technology solutions leaders specialize in change management
Jared Leighton Jared Leighton 10 min read