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Jenna Crooks profile

Nurse recognized for impact on COVID-19 response team

Jenna Crooks named National Ever Forward champion for director of nursing services
Matt Holsen 11 min read

Sanford board chair honored for impacting millions globally

"It was one of the best days of my life," says Manny Ohonme on Pontifical Hero Award
Courtney Collen 6 min read
A view of the Vatican

Sanford takes global stage at virtual Vatican Conference

"We're not just in the arena watching the game ... we're on the field"
Courtney Collen 8 min read

Sanford recognizes safety and compliance with Compass Award

With a strong commitment to a safe environment, leaders say every moment matters
Courtney Collen 7 min read
Dr. June accepting his award.

Dr. June: Sanford Lorraine Cross Award is ‘like a dream’

World-renowned immunologist and oncologist plans to continue research team's work
Matt Holsen 6 min read
Sanford Health leaders present Carl June with an award against a blue screen.

Renowned oncologist Carl June wins $1M Lorraine Cross Award

Penn Medicine professor wins nation’s largest award in medicine from a health system
Jon Berg 9 min read
Mark Denison, Michael Welsh, Carl June talk with Sanford Health News

Sanford Lorraine Cross Award finalists reflect on experience

Three accomplished individuals up for one award, million dollar prize
Courtney Collen 12 min read
Sanford Health employee ambassadors sit inside theatre watching live Lady A performance

Sanford inaugural ambassadors reflect on surprise getaway

"If the purpose of us being here is to feel loved, you've accomplished that"
Courtney Collen 10 min read
The inaugural Sanford Health brand ambassadors celebrate in Nashville Tennessee

Sanford celebrates employees with unforgettable experience

Health system builds a program in spirit of gratitude, celebration of workers
Courtney Collen 5 min read
Jeanette Hlaudy is caring for a patient in an exam room.

Family medicine LPN driven by care, compassion

Years of over-the-phone contact sparks Jeanette Hlaudy's new passion for nursing
Courtney Collen 3 min read