Sanford Imagenetics featured at world conference

Precision Medicine World Conference focuses on genomics and medical research

Sanford Imagenetics featured at world conference

April Schultz, PharmD, RPh, director of operations and pharmacogenomic (PGx) services at Sanford Imagenetics, is a featured speaker at the Precision Medicine World Conference in Santa Clara, California, in Silicon Valley.

The conference, being held Jan. 25-27, features speakers from across the globe with a focus on genomics and medical research.

“It is humbling to be able to share a stage with such incredible talent in the field of precision medicine,” said Dr. Schultz. “Sanford Imagenetics is making incredible advancements to help support clinical decision making and improve the lives of our patients. Being invited to share our work at Sanford with others in this field is a tribute to the commitment and passion of our remarkable team and I’m very excited to share our story.”

Discover screening options: PGx testing at Sanford Imagenetics

During her session, Dr. Schultz will share how Sanford Imagenetics implemented a comprehensive pharmacogenomic program and, most recently, a PGx clinic across the large rural health care system.

Sanford Imagenetics’ PGx clinic opened in April 2022 inside its Sanford Imagenetics building in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, offering both in-person and video visits for patients to learn more about PGx and how their personal genetic results may affect them throughout their lifetime. The focus of the clinic is to help understand how some commonly used over-the-counter and prescription medications interact with a patient’s genetic makeup.

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