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Social distancing: Woman works from home sitting on exercise ball at her desk faces a computer screen and large windows.

COVID-19 FAQs: What is social distancing?

6-foot rule, isolation, quarantine: different ways to protect yourself & others
Katie Foutz Katie Foutz 4 min read
A man with an eagle and flag tattoo rolls up his sleeve at a COVID-19 vaccination event for veterans.

Sanford & VA collaborating to vaccinate rural communities

Getting the COVID-19 vaccines out to rural areas is a priority
Matt Holsen Matt Holsen 5 min read
Yard signs spell out THANK YOU SNAFORD HEROES outside a hospital in Fargo, North Dakota.

Health care heroes: Doctors on COVID-19 front lines

Meet physicians who stand out in a year when all caregivers are heroic
SHN Staff SHN Staff 14 min read
Medical doctor giving injection to man in his 20s to make antibody for coronavirus.

Vaccines are bringing greater protection, more freedom

If you have the chance to get your vaccine, don't wait
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 7 min read
Calendar with circled date

COVID-19 FAQs: What can I do once I’m fully vaccinated?

CDC says you can visit and unmask around vaccinated friends
Katie Wright Katie Wright 5 min read
Reuben Jackson

COVID-19 vaccine advocate shares his journey

Rehabilitation supervisor at Good Samaritan Society says ‘there’s nothing to it’
Matt Holsen Matt Holsen 4 min read
Mother and son at Sanford Children's Fargo

Child with COVID-19 recovers from rare complications

MIS-C caused heart inflammation, other maladies before treatment at Sanford Fargo
Jason Anschutz Jason Anschutz 6 min read
Husband and wife reunite at Good Samaritan Society

Couple holds hands for first time in a year at Society

New federal health guidance allows more visits like this one
Matt Holsen Matt Holsen 6 min read
Woman hugs resident at Good Samaritan Society

Simple hug becomes powerful embrace during reunion

Good Samaritan Society brings families back together after some visitor restrictions lifted
Matt Holsen Matt Holsen 6 min read
Sanford nurse wearing mask talks to patient off screen

Health systems partner to make senior communities safe

Sanford Health nurses help run COVID-19 vaccinations at Good Samaritan Society
Matt Holsen Matt Holsen 4 min read