Ep. 16: Sanford fertility expert helps same-sex couples

25 min  ⋅ June 20th
Providing reproductive medicine care appropriate for all patients no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation

Ep. 11: Importance of getting the HPV vaccine

20 min  ⋅ February 9th
The HPV vaccine can prevent cervical cancer and other cancers later on in life. Dr. Brooke Jensen, discusses the importance of this vaccine.

Ep. 10: Preparing for your first mammogram

23 min  ⋅ October 19th
When scheduling your first mammogram, you may have questions. Dr. Christina Tello-Skjerseth shares information to help you know what to expect.

Ep. 11: OB/GYN talks COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy

19 min  ⋅ October 19th
Dr. Jessica Sedevie, who received the vaccine while pregnant, dispels myths
Dr. Amy Sanford poses for a photo during recording of podcast

Ep. 9: Sanford offers the I-SPY 2 clinical trial

12 min  ⋅ October 19th
Sanford offers the I-SPY 2 clinical trial, a novel treatment study for breast cancer
Alli Harrison poses for a photo after recording a podcast in Fargo

Ep. 8: Finding support through fertility awareness and care

29 min  ⋅ April 16th
Reproductive medicine, fertility clinic offers specialized care to assist with pregnancy
Dr. Keith Hansen

Ep. 7: When to refer to fertility, reproductive specialists

29 min  ⋅ April 16th
Sanford reproductive endocrinologists offer wide variety of options to help couples achieve pregnancy

Ep. 1: Fertility navigation program for cancer patients

35 min  ⋅ April 14th
Allowing patients to consider fertility options before, after cancer treatment
Verna Rasmussen records a podcast on the breast cancer mentor program at Sanford Health in Fargo.

Ep. 7: Encouraging women, positivity with mentor program

28 min  ⋅ October 28th
Volunteers find joy guiding others through life-changing cancer journey
Sandy Dunn talks into a microphone during a podcast with Sanford Health News

Ep. 6: Women supporting women through diagnosis, treatment

31 min  ⋅ October 20th
Cancer mentorship program provides support for newly diagnosed patients
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