Board of Trustees Member Lauris Molbert records podcast conversation

Ep. 6: Company culture is key to success, says board member

32 min  ⋅ January 6th
Meet Lauris Molbert, a retired hospitality CEO with roots in rural North Dakota

Ep. 5: Servant leaders make a difference in daily practice

60 min  ⋅ December 21st
Dr. Craig Uthe shares examples he wants to set for students and colleagues

Ep. 4: Digital health literacy for patients and providers

52 min  ⋅ December 19th
Sanford Health CIO and CDO hope to make health care as accessible as shopping online

Ep. 3: Well-being at work: What doctors do for self-care

48 min  ⋅ December 13th
3 Sanford providers swap lessons on adversity and growth for patients and themselves
Dr. David Newman smiles while conducting a virtual care visit on his laptop.

Ep. 2: ‘Disruptors’ find ways to innovate in health care

31 min  ⋅ November 21st
Endocrinologist David Newman, MD, talks retail & tech that can improve lives
Brad Schipper and Dr. Luis Garcia in Sanford Health recording studio

Ep. 1: Virtual care options help reach more rural patients

47 min  ⋅ October 24th
In this podcast episode, Brad Schipper shares vision for new virtual care initiative with host, Dr. Luis Garcia.
Jim Cain headshot

Ep. 21: Conversation with Board of Trustees member Jim Cain

34 min  ⋅ July 22nd
Investment banker with health care experience helps steward Sanford Health resources
Sanford Health Innovations podcast series

Ep. 20: Renowned thought leader visits Sanford Health

33 min  ⋅ May 26th
Dr. Eric Topol of Scripps Research discusses future of rural care, lessons of COVID-19

Ep. 15: COVID and the important connection to heart health

24 min  ⋅ April 11th
Dr. Tom Stys says COVID infections plus our pandemic lifestyle can make heart disease worse.
A middle aged couple relaxing on a sofa.

Ep. 14: Colon cancer awareness and the importance of screenings

26 min  ⋅ March 14th
Colorectal screenings are important measures against colon cancer that start at age 45
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Banker, civic leader aims to do all the good she can

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Director of nursing honored with Patriot Award

Good Samaritan Society CNA, National Guard member nominated her supportive supervisor
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