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A young researcher in goggles, lab coat and gloves examines a petri dish in her hand.

Hands-on program helps student live out research goal

Shantelia Shook is making barcodes for cancer cells before graduating college
Simon Floss 5 min read
A young lab worker in glasses and a lab coat works in the Sanford Research lab.

SPUR student passionate about research, future in science

Family health history inspires college senior to study how diseases develop
Courtney Collen 7 min read
Young Sanford researcher in a lab coat smiles as she sits at a lab bench.

SPUR grows confidence, teaches student life lessons

Undergraduate learns more about science and herself through Sanford Research program
Katie Wright 5 min read
Runner feet and lower legs running on road closeup on shoe.

Startup licenses drug-coated balloon developed at Sanford

Unique coating may help reduce amputations in diabetes and peripheral artery disease patients
Carson Walker 6 min read
A girl carries the football as her youth football team in gray and blue jerseys practices outside on a sunny day. They are all wearing mouthguards to protect from head impacts.

Sanford study shows fewer head impacts in youth football

Players can benefit from first longitudinal study reported on youth football
Jon Berg 3 min read
A Sanford Health psychologist smiles at an unseen patient in a bright and friendly room.

Sanford Fargo specializes in traumatic stress treatment

Mental health care team helps patients heal from trauma and build resilience
Mick Garry 8 min read
A health care worker with red hair and a blue face mask takes blood from the arm of Kyle Richardson in front of a poster that says "partnering with Sanford Laboratories."

Sanford, NFL Alumni create biobank for medical research

Samples, health info will inform injury treatment, brain health, sports performance
Mick Garry 12 min read

Cancer patients in Ireland benefit from Sanford expertise

World Clinic Ireland extends clinical trial opportunities across the ocean
Mick Garry 8 min read
Older male Sanford Health patient gets foot examined by a female health care provider in an exam room.

PRP injection helps patient with chronic ankle injury

Gillin has already noticed a massive decrease in pain after plasma-based therapy
Simon Floss 6 min read
Dr. Kamesh Surendran headshot

Cellular miscommunication may be root of kidney disease

Sanford Research scientist Kamesh Surendran and team ID when cell signals go wrong
Bethany Freel 11 min read