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A nurse wears full-body personal protective gear at a drive-thru coronavirus testing site.

What to do when you think you need a COVID-19 test

Do's and don'ts when you have symptoms or have been exposed to the coronavirus
Mick Garry 9 min read
Closeup of a COVID-19 test. A Sanford Health nurse's gloved hands seal a plastic specimen bag with a hazardous materials sticker on it and a capped vial inside it.

As COVID testing options increase, communication should too

Report all positive tests to your doctor ASAP in case you qualify for life-saving treatment
Jason Anschutz 7 min read
Head and shoulders shot of Sanford Health Dr. Michele Pasierb

Sanford offers pediatric cardiology care close to home

Bismarck is latest community to gain children’s heart specialist
SHN Staff 4 min read
Closeup of a man's hand on a pair of colorful star quilts at Sanford Chilren's Hospital.

Dialogue, education can break down Native barriers to care

Outreach underway to Native Americans, who make up roughly 10% of Sanford Health patients
Simon Floss 7 min read
A nursing instructor gesturs toward a patient model on an exam table in a bright college classroom.

Sanford works to provide culturally competent care for all

Recognition months raise awareness, but the real work happens year-round
Simon Floss 8 min read
Sanford Children's Hospital is shaped like a castle with turrets, towers and banners.

Children’s genomic consortium studies immune-weakened kids

Grant allows researchers to investigate undiagnosed illnesses by sequencing genomes
Paul Heinert 4 min read
Two Sanford Health nurses face the camera while holding their invention, a black pad with a blue shield that says "Sternum Protect."

AI, spinoffs & new partners among Sanford Health innovations

Innovation and commercialization team helps physicians and employee innovators
Carson Walker 14 min read
The bloodmobile sits in a parking lot. Blood donations are needed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Blood donations needed during COVID-19 pandemic

Vacations, weather, and illness affect blood donor numbers even in normal years
Simon Floss 4 min read
Two smiling women talking at the table in cafe.

Understanding cervical cancer: signs, causes & risk factors

HPV vaccination and routine screenings can help prevent cervical cancer
Katie Wright 8 min read
Two leaders of Sanford Health meet while sitting in amodern office with soft chairs and dark wood furniture.

Sanford Health, Society leaders honor retiring Randy Bury

CEO retires from Good Samaritan Society after 40+ years of service to health system
Matt Holsen 11 min read

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