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resolutions: runners drinking water

3 New Year’s resolutions athletes can work on this year

Don't set yourself up to feel defeated by too-big resolutions and diets that don’t work.
SHN Staff 7 min read
alcohol use: two men, three women in party setting

Alcohol use: Will you start the new year hung over?

Effects of alcohol on New Year's Eve can go far beyond the Jan. 1 headache
SHN Staff 7 min read
habits: blur of people at a dinner party in a dining room

Healthy holiday habits: Eat what you love

"The journey of a healthy lifestyle is learning about how to deal with the ups and downs along the way."
Tiffany Krogstad 5 min read
Ethan Erickson sits in a wheelchair petting a fish.

Cancer patient, 12, gets one last fishing trip — at hospital

Sanford Health and state agency quickly pulled off surprise for boy & family
Jane Thaden Lawson 19 min read
Little boy named Cruz in hospital bed after stroke surgery

Strokes: 5 surprising facts about who’s at risk

Knowing what to do can save a life.
Pat Miller 8 min read
Carol Cressman sitting at a table and smiling

Carol Cressman: ‘Sanford Health believes in kids’

Pediatrics director appreciates her roles in Castle of Care, flight nursing
Jared Leighton 11 min read
Rod Hunter lifts one of his sons to the top of the tree at Christmas at the Castle

Bringing Christmas to the Castle

How Rod Hunter and his Christmas Decor team deck the halls of the Sanford Children’s Hospital.
Jeanette Rackl 10 min read
Flu shot advocate Angie Wehrkamp sits at a coffee shop table with windows in the background and two family photos setting on the table.

Losing daughter turns mom into flu shot crusader

2-year-old Gianna's memory lives on in the many ways her family shares her story
Jane Thaden Lawson 18 min read
inherited condition with Sanford Chip: Kristi Curl Mandsager sits in her dining room talking to an interviewer

DNA test helps 3 generations of women solve health puzzle

A childhood full of doctor visits makes more sense after Sanford Chip results
Mick Garry 6 min read
A woman in a winter coat and mittens ducks away from a snowball on a sunny winter day. A little sunlight in winter helps fight vitamin D deficiency.

How to combat vitamin D deficiency during short winter days

Watch your vitamin D intake for bone health and other benefits
Katie Foutz 3 min read

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