Ep. 17: Concussions treated quickly can recover quickly

38 min  ⋅ November 16th
Neuropsychologist Josefine Combs, PsyD, calls concussions a spectrum to take seriously
Newborn baby girl right after delivery, shallow focus

Ep. 13: The transition from postpartum to parenting

22 min  ⋅ November 14th
Sanford Health doctors explain how they provide whole-person support for parents and newborns

Ep. 11: Importance of getting the HPV vaccine

20 min  ⋅ February 9th
The HPV vaccine can prevent cervical cancer and other cancers later on in life. Dr. Brooke Jensen, discusses the importance of this vaccine.
Three people wear face masks and sit at a table, talking into microphones.

Ep. 10: Researchers targeting autoimmune diseases

17 min  ⋅ May 10th
PLEDGE study aims to predict risk of developing celiac disease, type 1 diabetes

Ep. 9: How to enroll in type 1 diabetes prediction study

17 min  ⋅ May 10th
Newborns up to age 6 can enroll with info and blood sample during primary care visit
Beyond the Diagnosis podcast series

Ep. 4: Supporting children during adult cancer diagnosis

25 min  ⋅ May 10th
Through CLIMB program, children are given early tools and emotional support to cope
Dr. Arveity Setty discusses good sleep hygiene on the Called to Care Podcast series

Ep. 6: How to encourage good sleep habits in children

36 min  ⋅ March 15th
Establishing good sleep hygiene can start as early as six months old, pediatric sleep expert says
Dr. Jada Ingalls discusses sentinel injuries investigation and non-accidental trauma for the Called to Care podcast

Ep. 2: Identifying abuse or non-accidental trauma in kids

30 min  ⋅ March 15th
Ignoring 'sentinel injuries' in child can lead to more abuse, and life-threatening situation
Dr. Grant Syverson discusses joint pain in the pediatric patient on the Called to Care podcast

Ep. 3: Caring for joint pain in the pediatric patient

26 min  ⋅ March 15th
Pediatric rheumatologist discusses arthritis, other common bone and joint issues in children
Dr. Fernando Bula-Rudas discusses antibiotic usage in urgent and primary care settings on the Called to Care podcast

Ep. 4: Discussing antibiotic usage in primary, urgent care

29 min  ⋅ March 15th
When providers are encouraged to use antibiotics and when to avoid them
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