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Young girl and her dad baking in the kitchen.

Make these simple, fun and healthy snacks with your toddler

Include your toddler in planning and preparing food you'll both love
Parenting Services Parenting Services 4 min read
Preschool friends, a Boy And Girl On Climbing Frame In Park Smiling To Camera

Preschool friendship: Social skills start in early childhood

Learn how to encourage your little social butterfly to build early friendships
Parenting Services Parenting Services 4 min read
A grandfather smiles while carving pumpkins with two grandchildren.

10 ways to have a happy, healthy Halloween

You can avoid trick-or-treating during COVID-19 while still having fun
Sanford Fit Sanford Fit 4 min read
Mother taking daughters temperature.

Your top 10 Googled questions about kids and the flu

You asked, we answered with the help of a Sanford Children's leader
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 9 min read
A mom wearing a blue face mask places one on her daughter's face as well.

COVID-19 FAQ: How do I get my child to wear a face mask?

Many kids struggle with wearing a mask, keeping it on and keeping it clean
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 8 min read
Dr. Dennis Stevens stands with five workers next to a NICU baby bed in Calmette hospital in Kunming, China.

Sanford neonatologist helps improve care in Chinese NICU

Sanford World Clinic partnership led to chance for doctor to share expertise
Jane Thaden Lawson Jane Thaden Lawson 13 min read
Mom and daughter choose pumpkins from a large display at a pumpkin patch.

Decisions, decisions: Offering your preschooler choices

Young children develop independence and responsibility when making choices
Parenting Services Parenting Services 4 min read
A Sanford Health pediatrician and a Sanford Health News host sit down at a round wooden table in a conference room.

COVID-19 Q&A: Pediatrician advice on kids & coronavirus

Dr. Joseph Segeleon says to focus on what we know to minimize kids' anxiety
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 7 min read
Three kids and their mom, a Sanford Health pediatrician, look to the right of the frame as they explore Falls Park and one girl points.

Health care hero: Dr. Jennifer Haggar, pediatrician

She loves seeing children grow up, and parents mature in their roles, too
Mick Garry Mick Garry 5 min read
Childhood anxiety or worry. Thoughtful boy sitting outdoors.

Childhood anxiety: Tips for parents on signs & coping skills

Learn what anxiety looks like in kids and how to help them
Parenting Services Parenting Services 5 min read