Medication aide spreads joy and knowledge in Nebraska

Good Samaritan Society staffer helps train others while training to be a nurse

Medication aide spreads joy and knowledge in Nebraska

Go to Good Samaritan Society – Millard in Nebraska and you’ll quickly learn the “go-to” person in this center is medication aide Janisea Shields.

“I love it,” Shields says. “I enjoy putting a smile on somebody’s face. Even if it’s one person, at least that one person can spread the next joy to the next person. It’s like a domino effect.”

Always ducking in and out of different roles, the 34-year-old is the “Janisea of all trades.” Happy to help wherever there’s a need.

“It’s never a no, it’s always a yes. I’ve always looked at it as when you’re uncomfortable, that means you’re growing,” Shields says.

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Administrator Nick Norby considers Shields indispensable.

“She’s a true leader in the facility,” says Norby, who taps Shields to train new hires. “Starting at a food nutrition assistant, she’s helped out there. She’s helped out as a CNA. She transitioned over to medication aide.

“She is a fountain of knowledge that she shares with everyone that comes into this building.”

Resident Virginia Pickett adds she is “very good. She’s conscientious and she does a good job, and she helps other people quite a bit.”

‘It can make a difference’

A Society caregiver for eight years, Shields is now pursuing a nursing degree.

“I’m kind of nervous a little bit because it’s out of my comfort zone,” Shields says. “Being here made me want to be a nurse and make a difference and do something crazy. You can do a lot of things with (a nursing degree), which I love kids. Kids and old people.”

Whether it’s pediatrics or geriatrics, being of service is the goal.

“Bringing compassion forward, following God’s love and showing that to all the residents,” Norby says.

Following in the footsteps of her grandma Barbara, a visiting nurse, is Shields’ dream.

“I feel like when I leave this world, I did exactly what my grandmother did,” Shields says. “She was always that kindhearted person. She’ll give the clothes off her back if that’s all she had, you know.

“It can make a difference.”

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