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cardiogenetics uses genetic testing to look for heart illness

Cardiogenetics helps answer questions about the heart

Genetics and heart disease: "It’s a truly wonderful thing that we can use genetics to save people’s lives."
SHN Staff SHN Staff 10 min read
lab report with cholesterol, triglyceride, and HDL Cholesterol checked

Navigating the murky world of cholesterol control

Cholesterol is a necessary cellular building block. However, too much of the wrong kind causes health issues.
SHN Staff SHN Staff 4 min read
A large group of workers and family from Sanford Health pose in identical blue T-shirts.

Heart walks promote community awareness

Man with heart condition celebrates walking — from 200 feet, he's up to 3 miles.
SHN Staff SHN Staff 6 min read
outreach heart care: Woman with a hot/cold pack on her shoulder.

Outreach heart care: Patient found help close to home

"I couldn’t believe Sanford Health would be able to get me in so quickly."
Ashley Schwab Ashley Schwab 5 min read
Good Samaritan Society home health nurse LaToya Buzalsky talks to baby Murphy in his home.

Good Samaritan Society home health nurse helps baby, family

“He was my little rock star,” says LaToya Buzalsky of her infant patient Murphy.
Avatar Vanessa Carlson Bender 6 min read
Family sitting on a living room floor with hearts and petals around them.

Heart health: RN uses her title to spread awareness

Jessica Pergande, a Sanford RN, lost her mother to heart disease last year.
Taya Ordahl Taya Ordahl 10 min read
Sanford Chip: blue DNA code on a black background

Sanford Chip offers insight for family’s past, future health

"More knowledge — especially about your health — is always going to be better."
Erin Heinert Erin Heinert 6 min read
preventive screenings: doctor taking patient's blood pressure

Preventive screenings give insight into general health

Blood pressure, cholesterol, heart, lung and other tests are inexpensive ways to get a glimpse into your well-being.
SHN Staff SHN Staff 12 min read
John Heitkamp near his dairy cows

Coronary calcium screening reveals hidden heart problems

"If a heart attack had occurred, it very likely could have been lethal."
Jeanette Rackl Jeanette Rackl 7 min read
Dr. Rory Farnan getting some winter exercise on the ski slope

Start slowly when beginning winter activities

From the ski slope to the ice fishing pond, there is an activity for everyone.
Pat Miller Pat Miller 10 min read