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Brendan Cook with a cast on his leg after an Achilles rupture.

Achilles rupture: Evolving treatment with Sanford Health

Brendan Cook's recovery from a ruptured Achilles was shortened considerably by an alternative procedure.
Mick Garry Mick Garry 12 min read
Mature couple walking through the countryside.

A foundation for strong bones

How DEXA scans support bone health
Jeanette Rackl Jeanette Rackl 9 min read
Person holding a pad a paper and a pen

Wrist clinical trial hopes to heal with stem cell therapy

In the future, your own cells could rebuild injured areas.
Ashley Schwab Ashley Schwab 7 min read
Abby Nordeen playing soccer for MSU

Partnership expands Sanford Health’s athletic care to MSU

Sanford Health now handles orthopedics and sports medicine care for 14 colleges.
Avatar Charlie Schuknecht 4 min read
Dr. Rory Farnan getting some winter exercise on the ski slope

Start slowly when beginning winter activities

From the ski slope to the ice fishing pond, there is an activity for everyone.
Pat Miller Pat Miller 10 min read
Male lifting a tractor tire at the wellness center

Strength and conditioning: Reaching your potential

A complete strength and conditioning workout program includes several components.
SHN Staff SHN Staff 4 min read
Dr. Skogerboe while bird hunting

Bird hunting on land and water can be hazardous to the heart

'Nothing will kill a hunting trip quicker than going to the emergency room with a heart attack.'
Pat Miller Pat Miller 12 min read
Photographer Chuck Taylor stands with his camera in a pergola-style shelter made of pink stone.

The big picture: A photographer’s joint replacement journey

Chuck Taylor logged many miles in search of the perfect photograph until knee pain accompanied the click of the camera shutter.
Jeanette Rackl Jeanette Rackl 6 min read
Sioux Falls marathon runners

Marathon tapering: Tips from a veteran runner

Relentless forward motion with a bit of gratitude will get you to the finish line. And try not to sabotage yourself.
Jacqueline Palfy Jacqueline Palfy 7 min read
man's legs at a construction site

Common foot problems in working people

Your feet shouldn’t hurt. If they do, something is not right.
Jane Heilmann Jane Heilmann 6 min read