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In a clinical gym, a young woman throws a ball to the floor while balancing on one foot. Her Sanford Health physical therapist stands next to her.

After two years of physical therapy, a return to sports

South Dakota high schooler recovers from injuries to both knees
Jason Anschutz 6 min read
Golf ball in foregound sits on artificial turf green. A pro golfer kneels a few feet away with a golf club in his hand while a Sanford Golf Academy instructor stands nearby.

With putting in mind, Langer returns to Sanford Golf Academy

Golf legend praises the academy's technology, accessibility
Simon Floss 6 min read
Sanford Health's Dr. Nathan Skelley working with a patient.

National sports medicine council welcomes Sanford surgeon

Dr. Nathan Wm. Skelley will represent South Dakota’s orthopedic and sports medicine surgeons
Mick Garry 5 min read
Chiropractic doing spinal mobilisation in physiotherapist's office

Sanford chiropractic care treats the whole patient

Bemidji/Bagley doctor explains benefits of chiropractic care, combining services at Sanford
Jason Anschutz 5 min read
Sanford Orthopedics new facility

Sanford Fargo unveils Orthopedics & Sports Medicine facility

Combined facility brings multiple locations together under one roof
Jason Anschutz 4 min read
White and orange machine with "EOS" logo up the right side is ready for full-body, stand-up X-rays in an exam room.

Less radiation makes X-rays safer, especially for children

Sanford Health introduces lower-radiation, higher-quality EOSedge imaging
Mick Garry 6 min read
Female hands lacing running shoes on paved outdoor trail.

Your running shoes: Do they need a medical checkup?

6 tips on when to find new footwear for the health of your whole body
Scott Seiler 3 min read
Computer-generated illustrtion of softball field from just behind the pitcher with grandstand full of fans and Dickinson State University and Dickinson Public Schools logos behind home plate.

Dickinson State University unveils Sanford Sports Complex

All-weather soccer & softball facility will host DSU, high school & youth teams
Erin Horn 4 min read
Older male Sanford Health patient gets foot examined by a female health care provider in an exam room.

PRP injection helps patient with chronic ankle injury

Gary Gillin has already noticed a massive decrease in pain after plasma-based therapy
Simon Floss 6 min read

Easy access to specialty care helps officer get back on job

Webster police officer receives orthopedic surgery, follow-up care close to home
Mick Garry 7 min read