man holding ankle with joint pain

Managing joint pain and treatments: Podcast

39 min  ⋅ July 2nd
"A lot of times the patient says, 'I wish I would have done this earlier'"

Running/triathlon training: Podcast

1 min  ⋅ March 14th
Running outdoors and training for a triathlon takes plenty of hard work and commitment to training. In this program, experts from the Sanford Wellness Center, Meghan Glover, personal trainer and Kathy Grady, triathlon coach, discuss helpful tips in training for outdoor running and to start you on the right road to signing up and completing your […]
Donella Herman, M.D., and Kate Higgins, Psy.D. to talk concussions

Concussions and sports medicine: Podcast

2 min  ⋅ February 14th
In the competitive world of athletics, the quest to go faster and jump higher makes athletes perform at a level never-before thought of. At these levels, athletes can be at increased risks for injury and concussions. Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is one of the largest providers of sports medicine expert care to athletes and teams. Concussions […]
two people talking

The science of improving your golf game: Podcast

2 min  ⋅ January 31st
Golf is a game of complex movements, and resulting golf injuries can be very complex to identify. These injuries may keep you from returning to the game and may affect other areas of your life as well. The Sanford POWER Golf Academy is a collaborative program that leverages golf experts with expertise in sports physical […]

Back and neck pain causes and cures: Podcast

2 min  ⋅ October 25th
If your back or neck has caused you pain, you’re not alone. “Research has shown that 70 to 80 percent of us will experience it at some point in our life,” said Tom Boetel, D.O., of the Sanford Spine Center. “One of the challenges of back pain is for a lot of people it is […]
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Under-fueling can hinder running performance

Fueling for the long run: Are you eating enough?

The Fargo Marathon is fast approaching, and in preparation runners are out logging hundreds of miles on the roads and trails. As the mileage increases and runners hit the peak weeks of their training, nutrition becomes increasingly important. Despite this, many endurance athletes may not be eating enough calories to support that training and can […]
Lizzie Kasparek Lizzie Kasparek 6 min read
Woman doing front squat with barbell

Strength training tips for runners

By Charley Smook, Sioux Falls POWER coach Most runners think strength training will cause them to bulk up and slow down. The truth is ALL runners need to strength train. The key to a fast time is having a higher running economy. In simple terms, runner’s economy is stride frequency X stride length. To get […]
SHN Staff SHN Staff 4 min read
hysiotherapist assisting woman in performing exercise on foam roll

Shin splints: ‘Too much, too soon’ injury

What it is: Shin splints are a classic “too much, too soon” injury, according to Brett Beil, a strength and conditioning expert with Sanford Health. They are a common injury among newer runners or those who increase their mileage or intensity too quickly. They’re caused by micro tears to the anterior tibialis, and the pain […]
Jacqueline Palfy Jacqueline Palfy 4 min read
Kathy Grady with a student from her youth triathlon training program

Swimming lessons benefit people of all ages

From children to adults to triathletes, the Sanford Wellness Center offers lessons, training programs and water exercise classes to all skill levels.
Hannah Nieman Hannah Nieman 7 min read
Brad Rilling with a couple of boys he met on a missions trip to Haiti

Sanford POWER’s Brad Rilling reflects on Haiti mission trip

"We felt as if there is more that we could be doing for people in other parts of the world."
Avatar Casey Kampa 8 min read
Sanford POWER Volleyball Academy

Fall volleyball league teaches youth the basics of the game

Getting kids involved with the sport early helps developing them as players and increases the competition and level of play.
Hannah Nieman Hannah Nieman 3 min read
A woman uses a watering can to water purple flowers. A man is gardening in the background.

Reclaiming independence after hip replacement surgery

“They tell you what they’re going to do, how it will affect you and how you can best deal with it."
Jeanette Rackl Jeanette Rackl 5 min read
Kathy Lein running the Boston Marathon

Nurse practitioner runs 84th event: ‘Race to train’

"If I always have something on the calendar, then I have no problem keeping up the training.”
Lauren Peters Erling Lauren Peters Erling 3 min read
man holding ankle with joint pain

Managing joint pain and treatments: Podcast

"A lot of times the patient says, 'I wish I would have done this earlier'"
Alan Helgeson Alan Helgeson 3 min read

Joint replacements offer pain relief with shorter recovery

As baby boomers settle into retirement or welcome grandchildren into the world, they don’t want a bad knee or hip to slow them down. Every generation has always had pain with their joints, but Coridon Huez, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at Sanford Health in Bismarck, North Dakota, says the aging population now does more to […]
Jon Berg Jon Berg 4 min read