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Little girl touching mom's pregnant belly

Fact or fiction: Top 5 pregnancy myths about food

Discover the truth behind these common pregnancy myths.
Jordan Coauette, MD 3 min read
two babies

It’s twins! Prenatal care for multiples

Learn the ins and outs of having a twin pregnancy.
SHN Staff 9 min read
doctor giving baby a checkup

What to know about baby’s first checkup

Find out if your baby’s development is normal.
Jennifer Haggar, MD 8 min read
weight scale

How to monitor and control weight gain during pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy: How much is OK?
Jessica Sedevie, MD 4 min read
woman researcher looking through a microscope

What testing for birth defects can tell parents

Major birth defects occur in 2 to 4 percent of all live-born infants. Understand the types of tests available to you.
Peter Van Eerden, MD 5 min read
pastic toy keys and a calendar

What does your due date really mean?

As soon as you announce you are pregnant, you’re likely to hear, “When is your due date?” The truth is, you are very unlikely to have your baby on your due date. More precisely, the medical world often refers to it as EDD, the estimated date of delivery. Due dates are exactly that – an […]
JoLyn Seitz, MD 4 min read
Young female smiling with hand on head

Caring for your skin during pregnancy

Many women notice change in their skin during pregnancy.
SHN Staff 5 min read
woman lifting weights when pregnant

The benefits of exercising during pregnancy

Get energized and prepare for birth by exercising wisely.
JoLyn Seitz, MD 5 min read
white pills spilled on surface

Safe medications during pregnancy

Taking medications while pregnant: Learn what’s safe for you
Megan Miller, MD 2 min read
Preparing your child to be a sibling

Preparing your child to become a sibling

From 2 months to 5 years, help prepare your child for a new brother or sister.
SHN Staff 5 min read