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Dana at marathon race

Boston Marathon bombings anniversary: Feelings of ‘what if’

Dana Cushing didn’t realize what she had done when she did it. It was 2011, at the Twin Cities Marathon, her first, and she crossed the finish line in 3:38. It was her first marathon. And she had qualified for Boston. “I didn’t even have it on my bucket list,” says Cushing, a health coach […]
Jacqueline Palfy 12 min read
Jacqueline holding boston marathon medal

5 years later: S.D. runner recounts Boston Marathon bombing

I stood in the in-between space, my phone cord snaking down to an outlet on the wall, watching the battery light slowly register a charge. It was the lobby of some kind of office building, a bank on one side, a restaurant on the other. The people standing next to me had the same bewildered […]
Jacqueline Palfy 15 min read
Dr. Anu Gaba running to prepare for the Fargo Marathon.

Running motivated by patients

When Anu Gaba, M.D., and her family moved to Fargo, North Dakota, in June 2004, just after the inaugural Fargo Marathon, they kept hearing so much about the race that they started running as a family. Dr. Gaba first started running the 5K and has been running the full marathon since 2014. This year will […]
Scott Seiler 8 min read
two women hiking up a hill

Running and emotion: Accumulating miles to ease anxiety

The drive to school every morning is full of random chatter – about who forgot gym shoes, about if lunch is hot or cold and general observations about school and home. This gloomy Monday was no different – we sat at an intersection and watched the rain drizzle on the windshield, not enough to turn […]
Jacqueline Palfy 13 min read
Young people running together at the park. Runners training outdoors in evening.

3 things runners need to know about carbohydrates

Learn to balance carbs with protein and healthy fats while training and racing
Lizzie Kasparek 12 min read

Running/triathlon training: Podcast

Running outdoors and training for a triathlon takes plenty of hard work and commitment to training. In this program, experts from the Sanford Wellness Center, Meghan Glover, personal trainer and Kathy Grady, triathlon coach, discuss helpful tips in training for outdoor running and to start you on the right road to signing up and completing your […]
Alan Helgeson 1 min read
Exercises for hip fatigue

Hip fatigue late in the race? Here are some solutions.

There are several pieces to the puzzle to keep in mind when training for a 5K, half-marathon or a marathon. Stay consistent with your running schedule is one. Another is to include additional exercises on your off running days. Kendall Railing refers to these days as your strength training days. Railing is a certified strength […]
Scott Seiler 3 min read
two men working out on treadmills

Patience (and forgiveness) key to running plan success

The truth is: marathon training is hard work. It takes time, energy and mental grit. However, with all this hard work, there will be rewards. You will achieve many accomplishments throughout the journey. No one knows this more than Kendall Railing. He’s a certified strength and conditioning specialist at Sanford POWER and 15-time Fargo Marathon […]
Scott Seiler 2 min read
girl stretching with foam roller

Fit for Fargo: 5 things to do before every run

It’s easy to fall into a rut with any kind of exercise. Maybe you always take the same fitness class, or never try heavier weights when you’re lifting, or run the same routes over and over at the same pace. Whatever it is, it’s time to do something different. We’ve been asking tons of questions […]
Jacqueline Palfy 5 min read
Vegetarian athletes: vegetables on display at store

Fueling for marathons: Tips for vegetarian athletes

It’s one thing to get enough calories when you’re marathon training — you know you’re likely to be hungrier, and you know you need more fuel. But can you get the right mix of nutrients if you follow a vegetarian diet? Many long-distance runners add extra snacks to make it through long runs and speed […]
Jacqueline Palfy 3 min read