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Woman doing front squat with barbell

Strength training tips for runners

By Charley Smook, Sioux Falls POWER coach Most runners think strength training will cause them to bulk up and slow down. The truth is ALL runners need to strength train. The key to a fast time is having a higher running economy. In simple terms, runner’s economy is stride frequency X stride length. To get […]
SHN Staff 4 min read
ourse salt spilled onto a table

Sodium 101 for athletes

Do you usually flip over a food package to read the nutrition facts label? If so, is the amount of sodium in the food something you notice? Grab your favorite packaged snack or meal and check out the amount of sodium per serving of that food. The amount of sodium listed on that nutrition facts […]
Lizzie Kasparek 6 min read
healthy food choices: Homemade Green Kale Chips

5 easy meals for runners

It’s easy to make healthy food choices at the beginning of marathon training. You’re excited, energetic and still have some time to cook and meal plan before your mileage ramps up. Registered dietitian and ultramarathoner Lizzie Kasparek with Sanford Health knows how challenging it can be to find time to both reach your running goals […]
Jacqueline Palfy 4 min read
shin splints: hysiotherapist assisting woman in performing exercise on foam roll

Shin splints: ‘Too much, too soon’ injury

What it is: Shin splints are a classic “too much, too soon” injury, according to Brett Beil, a strength and conditioning expert with Sanford Health. They are a common injury among newer runners or those who increase their mileage or intensity too quickly. They’re caused by micro tears to the anterior tibialis, and the pain […]
Jacqueline Palfy 4 min read
Kathy Lein running the Boston Marathon

Nurse practitioner runs 84th event: ‘Race to train’

"If I always have something on the calendar, then I have no problem keeping up the training.”
Lauren Peters Erling 3 min read
author Jacqueline Palfy at physical therapy

Sports doctors & mom’s mental health

I was treated like an athlete, like what I do matters, even if I’m not winning, like my lifestyle of choice was taken seriously.
Jacqueline Palfy 14 min read
women running fargo marathon

New runner logs 27 races in her 27th year

Physical therapist who dreaded running in her teens logged from 5Ks to a full marathon. "Run for you or whatever your motivation is.”
Margot Peterson 5 min read
Kendall Railing explains the importance of reviewing your running shoes.

Your running shoes: Do they need a medical checkup?

If you’re running in your lawnmower shoes, it is time to get a new pair of running shoes. Runners not only need to analyze their training plan but also conduct a checkup on their current running shoes. Just like replenishing your body to stay strong, the shoes you use can affect your run as well. […]
Scott Seiler 3 min read
Kyle and Levi Gagner

Dad races while pushing son with muscular dystrophy

When he’s in his chair, the wind in his hair, on a run with his dad, he couldn’t be happier or more excited.
Jane Heilmann 4 min read
missy larson fargo marathon

Sanford Fargo Marathon: Run with a purpose

Missy Larson can’t wait for the Sanford Fargo Marathon on May 19. She’s looking forward to the excitement that builds around the starting line, racing with runners of all ages and hearing shouts of encouragement from hundreds of fans along the half-marathon route. “I’d have to say, the fans and spectators that line the streets […]
Emily Fink 5 min read