Sanford POWER offers track prep program

"It’s an all-encompassing program and there is a wide focus to it."

Two track athletes in the starting blocks

Sanford POWER is holding an eight-week training program to help prepare athletes for their upcoming competitive seasons. Beginning on Jan. 4 and continuing until Feb. 22, athletes of all skill levels will have Sanford POWER’s state-of-the-art training facilities and staff at their disposal.

Jesse Haines, a former football and track and field star at the University of South Dakota, along with help from the Sanford POWER team, will lead the camp.

As a collegiate decathlete at USD and a strength and conditioning coach for the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies, Haines has worked with athletes of all backgrounds.

“I’ve seen a lot of different types of athletes in each event. I feel like I can relate to any athlete that comes in the door and takes part in the program. I can help them technique wise and then with the whole process of the track season,” he said.

The POWER Track Prep Program will focus primarily on running technique, stride patterns and speed endurance, but Haines welcomes athletes from all sports and all athletic backgrounds.

“The word ‘speed’ is involved in a lot of different sports,” Haines said. “It’s not just the sport of track and field. It’s very raw in track, but it’s something that all sports require.”

Comprehensive course

Rony Spierda, a Sanford POWER strength and conditioning specialist, wants the athletes who sign up to know that the program is one of the most comprehensive courses in the region.

“It’s a well-varied program. We’re not focusing just on six-second speed bursts, we’re not focusing just on strength. It’s an all-encompassing program and there is a wide focus to it,” he said.

From professional and collegiate athletes to middle school students and families, Sanford POWER is dedicated to improving the lives of others, Haines said.

“Each athlete is different, whether it’s what’s holding them back or their scheduling. There’s a difference in each person,” he said. “We’ll take the time to ask them what’s holding them back, what their goals are, and then it’s our job as the strength and conditioning coaches to mold a program that fits their needs. We’re here to help.”

For more information on the POWER Track Prep Program, call the Sanford Fieldhouse at (605) 312-7800.

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