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A man bundled in work boots shovels snow after a blizzard.

Preparation key to preventing injury while shoveling snow

Warm up and watch your posture to reduce the risks from a winter chore
SHN Staff 4 min read
winter falls: people walking in snow

Protect yourself from winter slips, trips and falls

Preventing falls starts with simple steps and walking like a penguin
SHN Staff 4 min read
Overhead view of an affectionate young Asian couple sitting on the bed, holding hands and holding a positive pregnancy test together.

What to know about an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy

Stomach pain and light bleeding in pregnancy can be signs of this emergency condition
Elizabeth Hultgren, MD 7 min read
Smiling Dr. Abrea Roark talks with a patient in an exam room. The patient's back is to the camera.

What women ask about, and what their doctors tell them

Answers to questions such as "When am I most fertile?" and "Do I have a UTI?"
Jane Thaden Lawson 23 min read
Scientist holding DNA gel in front of samples for pharmacogenomics or PGx testing in laboratory.

Pharmacogenomics: Your genes hold valuable information

DNA test can help doctors decide which medications may work best for you
Jennifer Morgan, APRN-CNP, DNP 5 min read
Closeup of a snow shovel clearing a residential sidewalk.

Yardwork in fall and winter can be hazardous to your health

Heat and cold with exertion can overload the heart, so watch your body’s signs
Simon Floss 5 min read
Woman stretches on yoga mat as part of her daily plans for physical activity and exercise.

How to fit in exercise with a busy lifestyle

Make a plan to exercise and stay on track with your health goals
SHN Staff 3 min read
doctor smiling and holding baby

Is it a cold or RSV? Know when to call your child’s doctor

Cough, congestion can last a month and cause breathing complications
Jennifer Haggar, MD 6 min read
An unrecognizable man sitting on a bed during his physiotherapy for varicose veins.

Vascular disease may lurk behind varicose veins, dizziness

Subtle warning signs of poor circulation also include vision changes or trouble walking
Ariana Mount 8 min read
Danyell and Sophie Skillman in front of the Grand Canyon

Wisdom Study leads woman to breast cancer gene discovery

'It becomes less about me and more about my family and wanting to watch them live a long, healthy life’
Carson Walker 7 min read