Smoking while pregnant: The effect on your baby (video)

Erica Schipper, MD explains what happens when you smoke while pregnant

Not so long ago you didn’t have to look to far in public to see a pregnant woman smoking cigarettes. Since the 1960s, science has connected the habit to all sorts of medical problems for the child, let alone the mom. And societal norms have also changed to make it more taboo.

That doesn’t make it any easier for the woman to quit so she can start a family. The best advice for women in that situation is to see a doctor early. Besides setting up the mom-to-be for a successful pregnancy, a gynecologist can also help women with cessation programs that help kick the smoking habit even before she conceives.

That ensures both she and her baby get a healthy start to what will be an exciting time.

Watch this video to learn what smoking while pregnant does to an unborn or newborn baby and how to get help.

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