Hip fatigue late in the race? Here are some solutions.

Hip fatigue late in the race? Here are some solutions.

There are several pieces to the puzzle to keep in mind when training for a 5K, half-marathon or a marathon. Stay consistent with your running schedule is one. Another is to include additional exercises on your off running days.

Kendall Railing refers to these days as your strength training days. Railing is a certified strength and conditioning specialist at Sanford POWER and 13-time Fargo Marathon runner.

One of the more popular discussions with runners is about hip fatigue toward the end of the race. “Runners typically have weak, tight or underdeveloped hips,” Railing says. He has a few exercises most runners can start doing to help improve that area:

  • Lateral band walk. Runners should position a large rubber band around both of their ankles and start taking short lateral walking steps. Keep the hips nice and tight and squeeze the glutes while doing the steps. First, take 10 steps to the right. Then come back to the left for 10 steps. Repeat this three to five times.
  • Simple clam shell. Runners can use the same rubber band and move it from around both of the ankles to just above both of the knees. Next, lay down on your side. Keep the knees bent and the feet together. Start the exercise by lifting the knee up and away from the other knee. Do this for 10 to 15 reps and then rotate to your other side. Repeat this three to five times.

Railing says these exercises help strengthen the entire hip area. “Hopefully this helps reduce many of the injuries to runners that are caused due to tight hips, weak hips and underdeveloped hips.”


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