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Kelly Strompro wrapping an ankle

Athletic trainers: In the background but watching

From weekend warriors to professional athletes, athletic trainers provide insight, guidance and encouragement.
Scott Seiler Scott Seiler 3 min read
Kelsey Herrick, dietician, smiling at camera

Recovery nutrition tips after your run

One of the goals of sports nutrition is to improve the training outcomes. If your race is a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon being well-fueled at the beginning of your run is important, but so is the recovery at the end of your workout. Kelsey Herrick is a senior dietitian at Sanford Health and […]
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Kendall Railing explains the importance of reviewing your running shoes.

Your running shoes: Do they need a medical checkup?

If you’re running in your lawnmower shoes, it is time to get a new pair of running shoes. Runners not only need to analyze their training plan but also conduct a checkup on their current running shoes. Just like replenishing your body to stay strong, the shoes you use can affect your run as well. […]
Scott Seiler Scott Seiler 3 min read
tips for a long run

4 tips to prepare for your weekend long run

Whether you’re training for a 5K, half or full marathon, it’s a good idea to review your training plan and to keep your run in check. As you head into the weekend, here are four tips to ask yourself to make your long run successful from Kendall Railing, a certified strength and conditioning specialist at […]
Scott Seiler Scott Seiler 2 min read
Dr. Anu Gaba running to prepare for the Fargo Marathon.

Running motivated by patients

When Anu Gaba, M.D., and her family moved to Fargo, North Dakota, in June 2004, just after the inaugural Fargo Marathon, they kept hearing so much about the race that they started running as a family. Dr. Gaba first started running the 5K and has been running the full marathon since 2014. This year will […]
Scott Seiler Scott Seiler 7 min read
Exercises for hip fatigue

Hip fatigue late in the race? Here are some solutions.

There are several pieces to the puzzle to keep in mind when training for a 5K, half-marathon or a marathon. Stay consistent with your running schedule is one. Another is to include additional exercises on your off running days. Kendall Railing refers to these days as your strength training days. Railing is a certified strength […]
Scott Seiler Scott Seiler 3 min read

Patience (and forgiveness) key to running plan success

The truth is: marathon training is hard work. It takes time, energy and mental grit. However, with all this hard work, there will be rewards. You will achieve many accomplishments throughout the journey. No one knows this more than Kendall Railing. He’s a certified strength and conditioning specialist at Sanford POWER and 15-time Fargo Marathon […]
Scott Seiler Scott Seiler 2 min read