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Sanford Golf team at PGA merchandise show

Sanford Golf team at PGA Merchandise Show

“This is an exciting time for golf, and we’re honored to have a stake in that."
Terry Vandrovec 4 min read
fruit, hand weight and scale for healthy weight gain

How to gain healthy weight

It is critical to your health to not gain or lose too much body fat.
SHN Staff 5 min read
boy shooting a basketball

Dehydration: A concern for basketball players?

Following these recommendations can give you a performance advantage over your opponent.
Jason Dorman 5 min read
Todd Kolb and Adam Knigge and winter golf

Sanford POWER Golf Academy helps players keep their edge

Winter is the perfect time to work on your game.
Andrew Schwarz 5 min read
women running

Sioux Falls Women Run teams up with Sanford POWER

“You can only become so good at running by running itself. Eventually you will hit a plateau."
Charlie Schuknecht 5 min read
Two track athletes in the starting blocks

Sanford POWER offers track prep program

"It’s an all-encompassing program and there is a wide focus to it."
Charlie Schuknecht 4 min read
Nathan Peterson does pull ups

Military workout: Guardsman taps Sanford Health for training

You can tell that you are getting stronger and feeling lighter and feeling more fit.
SHN Staff 13 min read
Los Angeles Defenders v Sioux Falls Skyforce at the Sanford Pentagon

Sioux Falls Skyforce basketball marks 30 years

The Miami Heat G League team opens its season Friday at the Sanford Pentagon.
Charlie Schuknecht 4 min read
Nutritional supplements in bottles

Nutritional supplements: Are they worth the price?

Research the source and the product before investing in health supplements.
SHN Staff 4 min read
Woman stretching

Recovery after training and competition

Add these strategies to reduce soreness and injury after exercise.
Jason Dorman 7 min read