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Several children, along with nurses, are sitting in wheelchairs or lying in beds on a deck attached to Sioux Valley Hospital in this historic photo from the 1940s. Community.

Sanford Health’s history of service to patients, community

Facing epidemics, or one patient's fear, employees try to make a difference
Jane Thaden Lawson 13 min read
Baby getting checked by a nurse on a table

Innovating is part of Sanford Health’s DNA

Employee ideas wanted, from big to small: "Innovation is just solving problems."
Carson Walker 16 min read
Mature couple walking through the countryside.

A foundation for strong bones

How DEXA scans support bone health
Jeanette Rackl 9 min read
Dr. Julie Blehm (left) and Jon Darling (right) share a moment with Surgeon General Jerome Adams at the Opening Ceremonies in Abu Dhabi.

Sanford trainer assists at Special Olympics World Games

North Dakota Hall of Fame trainer Jon Darling saw Abu Dhabi from the sidelines
Mick Garry 7 min read
A young man sits on a cough between his parents. Family photos and a sign that says "Olson" are displayed on the wall behind them.

Sanford AirMed: A crucial health service in rural Midwest

“He wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the air ambulance."
Jon Berg 5 min read
Elling and athletic trainer Hawley return to halftime huddle

Athletic trainer not just for college, pro teams: slideshow

More high schools tapping Sanford Health expertise to manage sports injuries.
Erin Heinert 8 min read
Jackie Mrachek helping Eli balance on a beam

Pediatric physical therapy in the classroom

Sanford Health helps children with mobility or developmental delays learn skills needed in the classroom.
Jon Berg 6 min read

ND’s only sonography training program receives accreditation

The job market for sonographers is projected to grow 23 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.
Nadine Aljets 5 min read
Matt and Bonnie Puro and his cracked helmet

Bicycling injuries leave man thankful for care

'I consider myself in the lucky to be moving department.'
Pat Miller 9 min read
EMTs providing care for baby

Serving the community as an EMT

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) work to save lives every day. They are trained for high-stress situations and caring for and preserving human life. Currently, there is a nationwide shortage of EMTs and paramedics. As the Fargo, North Dakota, region grows, F-M Ambulance – a subsidiary of Sanford Health – is feeling the demands of this […]
Nadine Aljets 4 min read