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Sanford Health LPN Joan Muller receives a hug from Dr. Ashley Briggs (in floral dress) after being presented with a check for $1,000 raised from sales of Dr. Briggs' handmade earrings.

Co-workers rally for nurse Joan Muller as she faces cancer

LPN gets blessings back after decades of encouraging patients and team
Jane Thaden Lawson Jane Thaden Lawson 24 min read
Close up of woman practicing mudra meditation

What is integrative health? Treating more than an illness

Specific techniques and practices can help ease patients' stress and discomfort.
Ashley Schwab Ashley Schwab 7 min read
Two women flexing in Minnesota Vikings gear

Mom and daughter learn colonoscopy is key to stopping cancer

After 34-year-old was diagnosed with colon cancer, her mom was diagnosed, too
SHN Staff SHN Staff 6 min read
Luis Garcia of Sanford Clinics

Luis Garcia: ‘It was a privilege to provide healing’

Roots in Mexico City medicine lead to ND surgery and now Sanford Clinic leader.
Jared Leighton Jared Leighton 11 min read
Jim Volk

Leader spotlight: James Volk

“I’ve always tried to come at leadership development from the aspect of being a servant leader."
Jane Heilmann Jane Heilmann 7 min read
Alla Zamulko

Alla Zamulko: Patients fuel passion for health care

Sometimes I may have three generations in my exam room and they are all my patients.
Ethan Gette Ethan Gette 4 min read
Researcher pipetting liquid

IGNITE II network brings genomics into everyday care

"The goal is timeliness: getting the right information to the physician before a patient needs it. IGNITE II is helping to create the pathway."
Ashley Schwab Ashley Schwab 10 min read

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Podcast

Learn how respiratory rehab helps people with chronic breathing problems.
Alan Helgeson Alan Helgeson 1 min read
Man with chronic bronchitis coughing

Chronic bronchitis: What you need to know

Q&A with an expert: Stephanie Canham, M.D., internal medicine physician What is chronic bronchitis? Bronchitis occurs when the bronchi airways, the two breathing tubes that carry air to the lungs, become inflamed, causing too much mucus production and other changes. When this inflammation occurs for a longer duration of time, the person has chronic bronchitis. […]
Stephanie Canham, MD Stephanie Canham, MD 4 min read

Is genetic medicine relevant to me and my health?

Absolutely! Genetic medicine as part of the everyday medical experience is an idea rooted in innovation and necessity. Imagine explaining a symptom to your doctor and at their fingertips is an outline of your genetic history. The impact this could have on your treatment is profound! Not only is genetic medicine relevant to your overall […]
SHN Staff SHN Staff 1 min read