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Man and daughter shopping for healthy meals in grocery store

Healthy heart, happy family: Weeknight meals get an update

The day after I met with dietitian Tiffany Krogstad, I only ate tortilla chips and cookies. And I chased them with Diet Coke and coffee. It was the opposite of everything she told me when we sat down together to go over a new vegetarian cookbook I had been given. I have a pretty average […]
Jacqueline Palfy 12 min read
nurses checking blood pressure

High blood pressure is more serious than you think

Even when most adults feel fine, a third of them have a serious condition that could cause a heart attack, stroke or kidney failure. It’s known as high blood pressure or hypertension. Most times, there are no symptoms, so people with high blood pressure think they’re perfectly healthy. But left untreated, it can lead to […]
Ukamaka Nwadibia, MD 7 min read
doctor holding a plastic heart

Cardio-oncology: Dedicated to cancer patient’s heart health

Chemicals that kill cancer cells can be bad for patients' hearts
Keely Hack, MD 5 min read
inherited cardiac disease: two women with baby

Inherited cardiac disease? Know your heart history

Four Sanford specialists offer advice for talking with your doctor
SHN Staff 8 min read
hand holding heart

Be smart about your heart: Podcast

Orvar Jonsson, M.D., with Sanford Cardiovascular Institute discusses signs and symptoms of heart disease and heart failure.
Alan Helgeson 5 min read
heart disease: Eric Dimmer family history genetics

Genetic testing reveals hereditary heart disease

Current testing helps connect family members with shared diagnosis
SHN Staff 5 min read
heart disease: Shellie Ulven smiling

One woman’s journey in preventing heart disease

It was Mother’s Day, and Shellie Ulven was ready for a day with her family. She was starting to feel better after a drawn-out seasonal cold. Heart disease was not on her mind. She was young, healthy and felt absolutely fine. But suddenly, after coughing and blowing her nose, Ulven started seeing double. Confused by […]
SHN Staff 10 min read
genetic testing: woman and her son playing board game

Genetics helps woman find the key to her future heart health

After having children, Jessica Pickett visited her primary care physician at Sanford Health. She wanted to see if there was more that could be done to control her cholesterol levels, which had been high since college. She wanted to be proactive about this health issue because both of her parents also had high cholesterol. Her […]
Maria Stys, M.D. 5 min read
Stroke victim, Kayla Dierkhising

Stroke team innovates new procedure to save college student

"He could have said, 'No, it's not going to work',"
Emily Fink 3 min read
heart stent: older man getting checked on by a nurse

Customized care for heart stent patients now available

Physicians and researchers at Sanford Health continue to find new, better ways to treat our heart stent patients. One promising method is genomic medicine, which is being incorporated into primary care for our patients. And for our heart patients, we’re bringing a new level of customized care. It started with a group of researchers led […]
SHN Staff 5 min read