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Understanding chemotherapy

Sanford Children’s Pediatric Oncologists are here to provide the latest in chemotherapy while minimizing side-effects as much as possible. Our pediatric cancer nurses and child life specialists are here to support each child and their family before, during and after treatment. What is chemotherapy? Chemotherapy (often just called “chemo”) refers to medications that kill actively […]
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Sanford Children’s Clinic expands to Oregon

A new Castle of Care™ will bring together current pediatric physicians from southern Oregon into one convenient location. Sanford Health announced today plans to open a Sanford Children’s Clinic in Klamath Falls, Oregon. As one of five Sanford Children’s Clinics around the world, it will serve a community and broader metropolitan area of 45,000, including […]
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Sanford Children’s Clinic Belize receives community support

New funding by the Belize Healthcare Charitable Trust (BHCT) is accelerating building plans for Sanford Children’s Clinic in Belize City, Belize. The BHCT has signed an agreement which donates $2 million Belize dollars ($1 million U.S.) for the construction of the clinic. To develop the clinic, Sanford Health will also partner with Belize Healthcare Partners […]
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Sanford Children's hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sanford Children’s Hospital: A Castle of Care

After years of preparation and planning, dreams became reality in March when the new Sanford Children’s Hospital opened its doors to patients in Sioux Falls. Called a Castle of Care, every aspect of the new hospital is dedicated to improving the health of children, beginning with the castle-like exterior and interior. Sanford Children’s Hospital now […]
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Sanford Health breaks ground on Oklahoma children’s clinic

Health care is expanding for children in the Duncan, OK region after today’s groundbreaking of a new Sanford Children’s Clinic. The new facility, designed to look like a castle, will be built on a four acre lot on the northwest corner of the Duncan Regional Hospital (DRH) campus. The 8000 square foot facility is expected […]
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NFL player, South Dakota native donates to Sanford Health

Chad Greenway will donate $100,000 to help ill children.
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Sanford Children’s Hospital partners with Cure Kids Cancer

Sanford Children’s Hospital is proud to introduce its new partnership with Cure Kids Cancer. The mission of Cure Kids Cancer is to help children’s cancer centers, like the one at Sanford, find life-saving treatments and eventually cures for children’s cancer by raising funds and awareness. Sanford Children’s Hospital is one of more than 80 children’s […]
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