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Man with the flu, Covered In Blanket, coughs into his hand. He holds a mug and has citrus fruits in a bowl nearby.

Your 10 most Googled questions about the flu & flu shot

Experts still learning how this flu season will look in a pandemic year
Courtney Collen 12 min read
A happy family mother and daughter playing at home in a tent lit up with sparkly string lights.

Finding short-term coverage with a preexisting condition

With a chronic health issue, know what to ask about the right plan for you
Ashley Schwab 5 min read
Smiling businesswoman sitting at workstation in office looking for insurance on laptop

4 reasons to consider a short-term health plan

Fill the gaps between employer-sponsored health insurance plans
Ashley Schwab 4 min read
STLD health insurance for your family. A father teaches his son to ride a bike in the park.

Sanford Health Plan introduces short-term health coverage

Sanford Safeguard covers 3-6-month gaps in health insurance
Ashley Schwab 5 min read
John Snyder and Courtney Collen talk health coverage during pandemic

COVID-19 Q&A: Your health insurance questions answered

Sanford Health Plan president talks coronavirus medical bills and more
Courtney Collen 3 min read
Forms from the Sanford Health Plan, which is an option for health insurance coverage in the event of a special enrollment period.

Health coverage: Qualifying for a special enrollment period

Here's a look at health insurance options if coverage through an employer ends
Ashley Schwab 5 min read
Woman purchasing supplements at clinic with flexible spending account money.

Flexible spending accounts: Ways to use that money

Average worker has $172 in flex dollars left at end of year
Mick Garry 6 min read
Young man with glasses holds a credit card and pays bills on his phone and laptop.

HSAs, FSAs and busting myths of health savings accounts

HSAs are misunderstood but important financial tools for health needs
Ashley Schwab 9 min read
Snyder, John on the rooftop of the Cherapa Place building, downtown Sioux Falls

John Snyder: ‘Creating the best possible member experience’

New president of Sanford Health Plan is a licensed pharmacist
Jared Leighton 8 min read
woman talking to an older man

Ask an expert: 6 things to know about health insurance

How an agent can help and how you can benefit.
SHN Staff 4 min read