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A baby girl lays sleeping in a crib

Is your baby getting all the sleep needed? Are you?

Try these tips for helping give your baby a quality, lengthy sleep
Parenting Services 4 min read
Screen time limits: three kids share a digital tablet on the couch.

Screen time: How much is too much?

Child development experts recommend balancing active and interactive play
Parenting Services 5 min read
mom and daughter smile and hug while spending time outside

Girls and puberty: It’s about more than their first period

In fact, talk before her first period and keep talking through life changes
Courtney Collen 12 min read
Mom points ahead while on a hike with her son. Another mom and son are out of focus in the background.

Talking to your son about puberty? Here’s how

Practice saying "that's normal" while discussing physical and emotional changes
Courtney Collen 10 min read
A baby girl born at Sanford Bismarck during a blizzard wears a big brown bow while sleeping in her mother's arms.

Blizzard babies: The newest additions at Sanford Bismarck

Sanford employees welcome newborns during unforgettable spring snowstorm
Jason Anschutz 7 min read
Close up of a baby powder milk and a bottle for baby formula.

How to navigate the formula shortage and feed your baby

Sanford Health offers support, guidance for parents amid nationwide supply issues
Courtney Collen 11 min read
Childhood anxiety or worry. Thoughtful boy sitting outdoors.

Childhood anxiety: Tips for parents on signs & coping skills

Learn what anxiety looks like in kids and how to help them
Parenting Services 5 min read
Newborn baby girl right after delivery, framed by mom and dad.

What to consider when planning where to have your baby

Sioux Falls pregnancy navigator says parents should prepare for the unexpected with advanced care options
Courtney Collen 7 min read

Keep kids active and safe during the summer

Gardening and games can help fill free time in the outdoors
Parenting Services 4 min read
Strong and healthy father and a personal trainer, teaching and training his son at a gym.

When and how should my child start athletic training?

As early as middle school, training focuses on how kids can best move their bodies
Ellen Koester 4 min read