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Two girls chase another young basketball player down the court.

To raise a better athlete, don’t specialize

Young athletes get more benefits from multiple sports, health research shows
Justin Kautz 6 min read
School-age boy dances in kitchen in red and white striped pajamas and socks. Behind him is a Happy Valentine's Day banner spelled out in heart shapes.

Keeping your heart emotionally healthy

Connect what you're thinking, feeling and doing, says pediatric chaplain
Sanford Fit 7 min read
Newborn boy in grey wrap sleeping on blue blanket.

Amelia, Oliver top baby names of 2021 at Sanford Health

Emma and Harper tie along with Henry and Theodore as next most popular names
Jon Berg 2 min read
Baby girl playing on the floor with plastic educational cups.

Why your baby needs to play and explore

Tips and toys to encourage babies' natural curiosity and early brain development
Parenting Services 4 min read
Family takes virtual selfie with their grandparents for Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year?

Holidays can be exciting but also stressful, especially for kids who thrive on routine
Parenting Services 4 min read
Plant growing on coin jar and shows concept of saving coins.

Teaching your child about money

For children to understand money, they need to see it, touch it and use it
Parenting Services 4 min read
Mother and daughter doing laundry together

Even preschoolers can help out around the house

When you have your child help, you are building their self-confidence
Parenting Services 4 min read
A little girl is playing with a toy

The roller coaster of toddlerhood

Support your child's growing independence, language and explorer's impulses
Parenting Services 4 min read
Preschooler painting on an easel and looking happy

Tips for raising confident preschoolers

Encourage problem-solving, learning from mistakes and preparing for what's next
Parenting Services 4 min read
Mother Potty Training Her Son

When is your child ready to start potty training?

Is it toilet training time? Learn tips to help your child be successful
Parenting Services 4 min read