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Mixed race mother and daughter reading book on floor near sofa.

Top 10 children’s books to inspire physical activity

Explore a new book that will boost your child's desire to move
Sanford Fit 5 min read
Winter car seat safety demonstration with a girl wearing a fleece jacket and knit hat, buckled in with a blanket over her lap.

Keeping your kids safe and warm in winter

Remember these cold-weather safety tips for inside, outside and in the car
SHN Staff 7 min read
A one-day-old newborn infant yawns in their crib in the hospital.

Oliver, Olivia top baby names of 2022 at Sanford Health

Oliver once again tops the list, while Hudson and Ava are the next most popular
Jon Berg 2 min read
Mother spinning daughter in tutu in bedroom.

When you’re crazy-busy, even little kids get stressed out

Hit ‘pause’ on preschool activities that leave little downtime
Parenting Services 4 min read
Father and daughter reading book on bed.

Why does my kid always ask ‘why’?

They’re not trying to challenge you. They’re just naturally curious
Parenting Services 4 min read
Mother and kids playing soccer in the backyard. Spring or summer day.

Get kids active early with family fitness

Make time to move many ways and many times throughout the day
Parenting Services 4 min read
Little boy aged 7 is jumping off a swing. Sunny summer day on a modern playground.

Help your child learn self-control

5-8-year-olds sometimes struggle to manage their thoughts, actions and emotions
Parenting Services 4 min read
A little girl lies in bed with a thermometer in her mouth.

Achoo! Cold and flu season is almost here

Spot the symptoms, and learn to tell the difference between illnesses
Parenting Services 7 min read
doctor smiling and holding baby

Is it a cold or RSV? Know when to call your child’s doctor

Cough, congestion can last a month and cause breathing complications
Jennifer Haggar, MD 6 min read
boy shooting a basketball

Fuel your kids for after school with healthy snacks

Get some extra energy before running off to practice, training or rehearsal
SHN Staff 5 min read