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kids with hands in a huddle at camp

Young people find benefits of resistance training

The next generation of athletes is embracing resistance training. The first step, however, isn’t a physical one. It’s education about exercise. More people are getting more aware of the many benefits of strength and conditioning programs. This increased awareness has been accompanied by a natural jump in participation by athletes of all ages looking to […]
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Woman running

Fighting ACL injury with simple, solid training

Basic training elements can reduce the chances of joining the 100,000 Americans facing anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery each year. Basketball, soccer and football players are at higher risk of ACL injury. Female athletes are at an extremely increased risk and are five to seven times more likely to suffer ACL injury than their male […]
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three people on a walk

Basic walking program can help athletes’ recovery

The most basic of physical activities, walking, can be the key to feeling better and recovery for athletes of all ages. Walking is an important part of a personal exercise program, benefitting heavy lifters and competitive athletes, as well as people focusing on cardio work and those looking to drop a few pounds. Heavy lifters […]
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Are you at risk? 2 ways to protect from osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a progressive problem that is characterized by low bone density. This means the bones become thin and brittle, making them more likely to break.  Bone density can be affected by certain types of treatment for cancer.  If you are at risk for osteoporosis, your doctor will likely order a DEXA scan to see […]
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Man eating protein bar

Post-exercise nutrition completes the workout

People working out but not properly nourishing themselves afterward may be letting many of the benefits of their workout slip away. Exercise scientists have pinpointed a 45-minute window after a workout that calls for taking in a 3:1 ratio of mixed carbohydrate and protein — for every 3 grams of carbohydrate, 1 gram of protein. […]
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Sanford Health to help develop future Olympians

The Sanford Sports Science Institute has collaborated with the National Scholastic Athletic Foundation to become the non-profit organization’s exclusive national sports medicine research partner. The National Scholastic Athletic Foundation is one of the driving forces behind grassroots track and field and cross country in the United States. The NSAF promotes and develops American high school, […]
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Berg family announces $110,000 gift benefiting Sanford POWER

The family of Benjamin Berg is announcing a $110,000 donation to the Sanford Health Foundation.  The generous donation will benefit the Sanford POWER Baseball Academy, a camp held for three months in the winter to help young athletes improve their baseball mechanics and hitting. In addition to benefiting the baseball academy, a scholarship will be […]
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Carson Wentz lifting in a Sanford Power facility

Carson Wentz partners with Sanford Health

After years of close ties to Sanford Health, rookie Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has signed an endorsement contract with Sanford Health. The former North Dakota State University signal caller and Sanford have a long-running relationship, dating back to his formative years in Bismarck, North Dakota. He honed his skills through athletic-performance training with Mike […]
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teenager kicking a soccer ball into the goal

Get seen fast at a walk-in clinic

Bring your strains, sprains & fractures for care on the same day of your injury
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Sanford POWER comes to Bismarck

Sanford POWER, a program that incorporates the latest in strength development, speed, agility, and plyometrics to local athletes, now has a location in Bismarck. Healthways Athlete Training Center joined Sanford Health and is now Sanford POWER. The facility, located at 2020 Lovett Ave., offers team- and group-based athletic training programs while transitioning into the personalized, […]
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