Golf academy helps players of all ages, skill levels improve

Golfing can be a rewarding yet frustrating sport. The Sanford POWER Golf Academy works with amateurs and pros to spot and correct issues.

Levi Pole of Sanford Health works with pro golfer Elin Arvidsson

Golfers of all ages and abilities are seeing improvements in their game and moving a lot better because of the Sanford POWER Golf Academy. This program brings a unique, integrated approach to golf and offers mobility, strength, nutrition, hydration, and biomechanics assessment options to help golfers take a few strokes off their game.

Sanford Health operates the academy out of the Sanford Sports Complex in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and is staffed by a diverse team of experts who can put together a customized program based on each person’s needs and goals.

Who it’s for

The golf academy is for any golfer out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re 12 or 85.

Services offered

We offer multiple services to golfers.

One of the foundations of developing our programs is a golf movement evaluation. We look at a person’s strength, stability and mobility, identifying where their limitations are and how these are affecting their golf game. A customized golf-specific movement program is developed to target these limitations identified in the assessment followed by a golf-specific mobility and performance session. We also can build strength and conditioning programs and do nutrition consults as well.

We also have sports physical therapy to work with the golfer facing injury or following surgery who’s looking to get back on the course.

Cost / benefits

A golf evaluation and movement analysis is $149. That gives you two sessions and is called the essential golfer performance package.

A lot of clients say that the investment in a golf evaluation was well worth it because it helped them correct issues they couldn’t have fixed on their own and made the overall game a lot more fun.

What the golf movement evaluation entails

Session 1

We start in our lab and begin by doing some hitting, so people should wear comfortable clothes bring their 6 iron. We capture their swing on high-speed cameras, then go through a movement analysis to see what areas might be tight, weak or just lack mobility. We’re mainly looking at mobility, stability and strength.

With that we gather the information we need and see how the swing and the body are connected and how that may be impacting your game. Then we build a customized program based on how they move and look to improve on those areas. They’ll leave with their program that day, so they can go through everything and come back to their second session with good questions and and idea of what is working and what is not.

Session 2

About a week later we’ll have them come back to the lab a do a one-on-one session. We will do some hands-on work including some active soft tissue work, golf-specific movement and stretching. I like to say that through it all we restore the body, refine muscles and joints, and recharge their swing.

After this we can really build out a customized program for any golfer based on their goals and the many services we can offer.

Complements a golf pro

We believe in the integrated whole approach. We’re going to focus on the body and how to improve it and how that is going to affect your swing. I always encourage people to also work with their golf professional so we can really tie that all in to improve their game. Our goal is to get you moving better so we can keep people out on the course healthier and playing better.

Movement is the foundation of a person’s swing and many times the body and swing are connected to the issues they might have. If the body can’t do it, it can make it difficult to get into those positions your golf professional might want you to.

You’re building from the inside out and I say move better, be better. And we can set you up to do that.


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