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mom cuddling newborn

Sanford Fargo opens breastmilk donation center

“Breast milk allows infants who are in a fragile medical situation to receive the nourishment they need to thrive.”
Nadine Aljets 4 min read
missy larson fargo marathon

Sanford Fargo Marathon: Run with a purpose

Missy Larson can’t wait for the Sanford Fargo Marathon on May 19. She’s looking forward to the excitement that builds around the starting line, racing with runners of all ages and hearing shouts of encouragement from hundreds of fans along the half-marathon route. “I’d have to say, the fans and spectators that line the streets […]
Emily Fink 5 min read
Sanford Fargo installs electric vehicle chargers

Sanford Fargo installs electric vehicle chargers

FARGO, N.D. – Sanford Health received four electric vehicle chargers that are now available for use at its new Fargo hospital. Cass County Electric Cooperative (CCEC) and Lignite Energy Council are part of an ongoing initiative to collaborate with local leaders in the community to keep Fargo at the forefront of energy and technology trends. […]
Annika Sidhu 3 min read
Mother and daughter duo run Fargo Marathon 5K

Mother-daughter duo train for Sanford Fargo Marathon’s 5K

FARGO, N.D. — Carrie Brower-Breitwieser’s running stride is mimicked by the faster, softer pitter-patter of her 6-year-old daughter Audrey, who runs beside her. The duo is preparing to run the Sanford Fargo Marathon’s 5K this May, but this isn’t their first race. In fact, Audrey already has 12 5Ks under her belt. Her interest in […]
Nadine Aljets 6 min read
Picture of a girl with electrodes on her head

Sanford Health explores partnership with Fargo’s NRI

FARGO, N.D. – The Neuropsychiatric Research Institute (NRI) in Fargo, North Dakota, and Sanford Health announced they have agreed to a letter of intent (LOI). This is a non-binding first step in a potential partnership. A proposed partnership would give NRI access to Sanford clinical resources in North and South Dakota – allowing NRI to […]
Darren Huber 4 min read

Sanford West Fargo Clinic plans updated, expanded

WEST FARGO, N.D. – Plans for the Sanford West Fargo Clinic have been updated to include more space and a shorter construction timeline. The new plan calls for completion of the project in one phase, instead of two, and the clinic will now feature two stories, instead of one. It will still be built at […]
Nadine Aljets 4 min read
miracle maker radiothon logo

Miracle Maker Radiothon in Fargo starts Thursday

After having three children, Lana and Scott Beaton, of Grand Forks, North Dakota, knew what to expect during pregnancy and how to prepare to have another baby in the family. But the 20-week ultrasound of their fourth baby, a daughter, challenged everything they knew when they learned she had Down syndrome and a serious heart […]
Emily Fink 3 min read
girl stretching with foam roller

Fit for Fargo: 5 things to do before every run

It’s easy to fall into a rut with any kind of exercise. Maybe you always take the same fitness class, or never try heavier weights when you’re lifting, or run the same routes over and over at the same pace. Whatever it is, it’s time to do something different. We’ve been asking tons of questions […]
Jacqueline Palfy 5 min read
Runners at the starting line of a race

Fueling for Fargo: When and what you should eat

The key to eating right when marathon training? It’s simple, according to Lizzie Kasparek, a dietitian with Sanford Health: Listen to your body. Beyond that? Think about your mileage, your goals and the time of day you run. Then build your food and hydration plan around that. We asked a few questions about what that […]
Jacqueline Palfy 5 min read
Faught family smiling in Fargo

Faces of Fargo: Phil and Ali Faught

Phil and Ali Faught have a lot going on. They just built a house in North Dakota. Phil works as an athletic trainer for Central Cass High School for Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine-Athletic Training Department. Ali stays home with their two kids, Kaldor, 4, and Kai, 2. Beyond that? They’re both training for races […]
Jacqueline Palfy 5 min read