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Pregnant woman talking to doctor

8 warning signs during pregnancy

What’s normal and what isn’t? Learn from specialists in women’s health and delivering babies
Ellen Koester 9 min read
Smiling female college student with backpack on lawn on college campus

College students: Find your dorm, then find a clinic

In the excitement of being on campus, don’t neglect health care needs
Simon Floss 5 min read
Happy boy in bright red glasses that match his shirt looks up from a harness where he practices physical therapy with an assistant.

Patient with cerebral palsy grows up with Sanford Children’s

Bismarck boy works with physical therapists to use power chair, improve independence
Jason Anschutz 6 min read
Sanford Health surgeon in scrubs adjusts the arm of a machine in the operating room. Above him are large screens for imaging.

Hernia surgery won’t sideline you for weeks, and here’s why

A precise and less invasive robotic surgery means quicker recovery for patients
Simon Floss 7 min read
Six young adults pose with the plaque honoring their grandmother at the Bertha Reynen Tello Nursery.

Newborn nursery honors Tello family

Renovated space named for nurse and family's contributions to Sanford Bismarck
Erin Horn 3 min read
A mature Sanford Health cardiac rehab patient works out on a stationary bike.

Friend’s heart attack warnings help woman survive own ordeal

Cardiac rehab patient now strengthening her heart at Sanford Bismarck
Jason Anschutz 5 min read
A Sanford Health employee in a wheelchair is surprised with a giant scholarship check from colleagues in the clinic.

Sanford Health makes meaningful work accessible for all

North Dakota honors health system’s accommodations for employees with disabilities
Mick Garry 7 min read
Aerial view of Bismarck, North Dakota, with Sanford Health Medical Center nestled among tree-lined streets.

Sanford Health celebrates 10 years in Bismarck region

Health system has invested $300 million in the area since 2012, with more planned for future
Jason Anschutz 6 min read
Happy child in face mask rolls up his sleeve for a nurse to sanitize his upper arm for flu vaccination.

Vaccination myths and when kids need each shot

Pediatricians answer common questions about vaccine safety, side effects and schedules
Ellen Koester 9 min read
Runners at the starting line of the Sioux Falls Half Marathon in 2020.

Why running is good for you, according to doctors

Beyond fitness, running helps you set goals, practice mindfulness and create community
Mick Garry 15 min read