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Get seen fast at a walk-in clinic

Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offers a Walk-In Clinic in Fargo and Fast Track Clinics in Bismarck and Sioux Falls to ensure that you get specialized care when you need it. There’s no appointment needed. In Bemidji, same day appointments are offered the day you call. Sports medicine specialists are ready to diagnose and treat […]
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man suffering from neck pain

Pain management services at Sanford Health

Numerous options available to help people find relief.
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woman holding her neck

What is posture?

When you repeatedly favor or use one side of your body, the other muscles have to compensate.
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New program will empower families to make healthy choices

Introducing Sanford Fit — nutritional, physical, emotional & behavioral health
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Multicolored peppers at grocery store

Health behavior coach: Small steps for health

“It’s a matter of making little changes, but those little changes have made a huge difference for me. I feel better than I have in years."
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Woman experiences stress overload

Stress overload: Causes and signs

Everyone experiences stress a little differently. Here are some signs and causes of stress overload.
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Healthy skin for life

by Heather Karu, MD , Sanford Clinic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Vivaz Medical Spa We’ve all heard that little voice in our head when we look in the mirror, sometimes it says “You’ve got it goin’ on, girl!” Other times it may say “Where did that beautiful skin go?” With a little TLC, everyone […]
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