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Nurse Eskedar Yimer at Sanford Health doing a checkup on a newborn

Eskedar Yimer’s trek from Ethiopian engineer to S.D. nurse

She went from being a grateful patient to treasured Sanford Health employee.
Jane Thaden Lawson Jane Thaden Lawson 20 min read
Expectant mom sitting amidst friends carrying babies outside restaurant

Learn secrets for an easier labor and delivery

Relax and prepare your mind and body for the marathon of giving birth
SHN Staff SHN Staff 16 min read
family with two kids smiling

Postpartum bleeding follows festive, ‘picture-perfect’ birth

Mom thought of husband and baby: “I don’t know if I’ll see these guys again.”
Jane Thaden Lawson Jane Thaden Lawson 28 min read
Supportive couple. A woman and man embrace by a window.

Syphilis among the STDs that are on the rise

That painless spot on your hand, tongue or genitals might be more serious than you think.
SHN Staff SHN Staff 10 min read
Rachel Peterson

Tips for early breastfeeding

It’s World Breastfeeding week. Learn more about tips for breastfeeding from Rachel Peterson, MD. Q: What makes breastmilk important? A: Breastmilk is a perfect baby food. It contains the right amount of nutrients, provides infection-fighting antibodies and is gentle on a developing stomach, intestines and other body systems. Q: How do I get started breastfeeding? A: […]
Jon Berg Jon Berg 5 min read
Flexible pregnant woman

Exercise during pregnancy: Is it safe?

“For healthy women with normal pregnancies, most exercises are safe, but a few changes or adjustments may be necessary."
Avatar Kim Tubbs 5 min read
A doctor prepares for a caesarean section at Sanford Bemidji C-suite

C-section suite at Sanford Bemidji keeps families together

"Instead of splitting up, the new operating room will allow for the recovery of mom and the baby together.”
Pat Miller Pat Miller 6 min read
Jada Shoemaker and her family pose for a picture in front of their house.

Becoming a mom at Sanford Health

Jada Shoemaker shares experience giving birth at Sanford Health
Lauren Peters Erling Lauren Peters Erling 3 min read
baby blocks on pregnant belly

How to enjoy, not just endure, times of morning sickness

What you should know about morning sickness during pregnancy
Heather Spies, MD Heather Spies, MD 15 min read
woman smiling

Physical therapy options for pelvic floor pain, incontinence

Cancer treatments can affect the pelvic floor.
Jill Ehrmantraut Jill Ehrmantraut 10 min read