Take a tour of new menu changes on Sanford Health News

Navigation updates make it easier to find seasonal and community health news

Take a tour of new menu changes on Sanford Health News

Now you can navigate to coronavirus news and more with the updated menu on Sanford Health News.

Since March, we’ve focused our coverage almost exclusively on the COVID-19 pandemic. While we continue to bring you the latest on the virus and what Sanford Health experts say about it, there’s more to consider when making decisions about your health. Our new website menu reflects that.

Here’s a tour of what you’ll see in that gray bar near the top of your screen (or light blue on mobile).

Coronavirus drop-down menu

Hover or select this section with a downward carrot to expand the menu. There you’ll find the COVID-19 coverage you’ve come to expect from Sanford Health News:

  • Coronavirus News, for the latest science and guidance
  • Coronavirus FAQ, or frequently asked questions about the virus and disease
  • Expert Q&A, including our Facebook Live events with Sanford Health leaders
  • Wellness, for self-care and continuing care during the pandemic

Seasonal interest

This is currently our Back to School category, full of stories about staying healthy as kids head back to the classroom.

Come fall and winter, this spot on our menu will change again to highlight stories about influenza. Look here for more health stories that are top of mind with the changing seasons.

Community drop-down menu

Hover or select this new section to find stories about Sanford Health’s benefit to the community, including the following new topics:

More ways to engage

The new website menu also helps you find health news in the format you prefer:

  • Podcasts make it easy to find what’s streaming from Sanford Health.
  • Newsletter Sign-Up lets you opt into our daily COVID-19 or weekly health update email newsletters.
  • More Topics will drop down into a list of our most popular health topics.
  • For Journalists expands into a hub for news media professionals, including News Releases, now in their own section of the site.

We hope these updates make it easy to browse Sanford Health News and find what’s important to you and your health.

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