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Stephanie Tegtmeier, paramedic, stands by an ambulance in a face mask and paper gown. The graphics on the side of the ambulance in blue and white say F-M AMBULANCE and SANFORD HEALTH.

COVID-19 FAQs: Is it safe to call 911?

Yes, health systems and EMS crews are well prepared to keep the community safe
Christen Rennich Christen Rennich 4 min read
Caucasian woman in a mask talks to a caucasian fertility doctor in a mask as they sit in an exam room.

Coronavirus disrupts fertility care, IVF treatments

Clinics reopen with COVID-19 testing for patients and other new safety measures
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 7 min read
Coronaviruses under electron microscope on blue background. Illustration of COVID-19.

COVID-19 FAQs: Can the coronavirus live on surfaces?

You can catch virus from table tops, doorknobs but more likely from other people
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 3 min read
Hospital patient window decorated with hearts.

COVID-19 FAQs: When can I have visitors in the hospital?

Learn how the visitor limit affects hospital stays and clinic appointments
Jeanette Rackl Jeanette Rackl 4 min read
A blurred image of a hospital hallway to illustrate a story about upskilling

COVID-19 FAQs: Cross-training nurses, nonclinical workers

Sanford Health's upskilling program shifts employees to areas of greater need
Jane Thaden Lawson Jane Thaden Lawson 7 min read
A nurse talks on a phone while wearing a mask and gloves

COVID-19 FAQs: Should we all wear gloves?

Infectious disease doctor: Health care workers need gloves. The public doesn't.
Jane Thaden Lawson Jane Thaden Lawson 6 min read
Plastic jugs of POET brand hand sanitizer make their way along a bottling plant line.

COVID-19 fact vs myth: Beware of unfounded claims & remedies

Save the cleaning supplies for hard surfaces, and other advice based on science
Ashley Schwab Ashley Schwab 3 min read
Illustration with faces and bodies showing symptoms of COVID-19. Fever, cough or sore throat, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, new loss of taste or smell, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, headache/fatigue. With logo that says Facts Over Fear.

COVID-19 FAQs: How can I tell if I have coronavirus?

CDC expands symptoms of COVID-19, which are still like cold and flu
Mick Garry Mick Garry 8 min read
A mom sits on a couch with her two daughters, bookshelves in the background. Dr. Stephanie Hanson offers advice to parents on keeping their kids healthy

COVID-19 FAQs: Keeping kids healthy during pandemic

Watch for symptoms, keep up with well child visits, encourage healthy routines
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 10 min read
A mom looks at a tablet with her son, as an example of how parents can talk with their kids about the coronavirus

COVID-19 FAQs: How to talk to your kids about coronavirus

Reduce your own anxiety, reassure kids, stick to a routine and stay positive
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 9 min read