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A Good Samaritan Society nurse in face mask smiles and leans close to a senior living resident.

COVID-19 FAQs: Variants, vaccines and long-term effects

Sanford Health doctors answer your questions about the ongoing pandemic
Mick Garry 13 min read
A girl in a rainbow face mask looks out the window on a cloudy day.

Talking to kids about COVID-19

Kid-friendly answers about new variants, continued safety measures and more
Sanford Fit 6 min read
Doctor and patient on medical consultation using digital tablet at patient's house. Both are masked against COVID-19.

Who gets monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19?

Outpatient infusion lowers hospitalization rates for those at severe risk
Jason Anschutz 6 min read
How to properly wear a face mask, an infographic showing a man in profile with face mask loops over his ears and mask covering his nose and mouth

COVID-19 FAQs: Do we need to wear face masks?

CDC recommends masking indoors if you’re unvaccinated or in a high-transmission area
Katie Foutz 6 min read
A man in full PPE injects vaccine vials under a vent hood in a lab.

COVID-19 FAQs: How do vaccines get developed and approved?

Here's a look at the basic process — and details about coronavirus vaccines
Jane Thaden Lawson 11 min read
A pharmacist with only gloved hands visible prepares a table of COVID-19 vaccines.

Vaccine FAQs: Do COVID vaccines affect mammography results?

Swollen lymph nodes are both a vaccine side effect, and a sign it's working
Simon Floss 6 min read
A closeup of a sticker on a man's athletic logo sweatshirt that says "I got my COVID-19 vaccine!"

Moderna, Pfizer, J&J vaccines: Similarities and differences

A third COVID-19 vaccine approval means additional options for providers
Mick Garry 6 min read
pregnant woman talking to a doctor

Vaccine FAQs: Do COVID-19 vaccines affect pregnancy?

Sanford doctors advise weighing pros and cons with your own health care provider
Simon Floss 10 min read
Generic COVID-19 vaccine photo

COVID-19 vaccine: When’s the right time for the second dose?

Good Samaritan Society CMO: Don't worry if your doses are more spread out
Matt Holsen 4 min read
A health care worker in face mask and shield vaccinates a woman, facing away from the camera, with COVID-19 vaccine while two other health care workers prepare for more patients.

What to expect before, during, after COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines will soon be available to the public. Know when and where to be immunized.
Mick Garry 5 min read