COVID-19 FAQs: When can I have visitors in the hospital?

Learn how the one-visitor limit affects hospital stays and clinic appointments

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Sanford Health is changing its visitor restriction policy, effective today. One adult visitor is allowed with each patient at hospitals and clinics across the health system.

For hospitals, the one adult visitor per patient is welcome from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. All visitors will be screened according to current CDC guidelines, and are expected to wear a cloth or surgical mask at all times. This change in visitor policy does not apply to COVID-19 specific units or long-term care locations.

Similarly, for clinic visits and outpatient appointments, one adult visitor is allowed with each patient. The visitor is expected to wear a surgical or cloth mask at all times.

If a visitor does not have a mask, the facility will provide one.

We’ve outlined a few specific situations below. If you have more questions, please call your health care provider or clinic before you visit.

Can I bring my partner or friend to prenatal appointments?

A woman may bring one visitor with her to clinic appointments such as a 20-week ultrasound. Both parties should wear a face mask into the clinic and for the duration of the appointment.

Who can go to pediatric appointments?

When a parent brings their child in for an appointment or procedure, both the parent and child must wear a mask while on hospital grounds. Because the child is the patient, one parent counts as their one visitor. That parent or guardian cannot bring a partner, spouse or other children with them. They may switch with another parent or guardian, although it’s safest to keep this to a minimum.

Can I have visitors in the hospital?

An adult hospitalized for four days may have several visitors over the course of their stay, but only one at a time. It is recommended to keep the total number of visitors to a minimum. All visitors must wear a mask while on hospital grounds.

What about visitors to skilled nursing and assisted living facilities?

All long-term care locations are temporarily closed to all visitors until further notice to protect the health of our employees and residents who face the highest risk of illness. Friends and family are encouraged to communicate with loved ones remotely through phone calls, Facebook or video conferencing.

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