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Footprint decals on the floor of a clinic indicate where people should stand at a distance from others when taking care of health care needs

Don’t neglect your health needs. It’s safe to seek care

Stay on track with chronic conditions, screenings and immunizations
Mick Garry Mick Garry 11 min read
A young man sits on a bench outdoors wearing a face mask and applying sanitizer in an illustration of life's new normal

Advice for living life in the ‘new normal’

Infectious disease specialist: Wear face masks, wash hands, avoid crowds
Jon Berg Jon Berg 5 min read
A nurse talks on a phone while wearing a mask and gloves

COVID-19 FAQs: Should we all wear gloves?

Infectious disease doctor: Health care workers need gloves. The public doesn't.
Jane Thaden Lawson Jane Thaden Lawson 6 min read
A woman smiles at a doctor on her laptop screen while he smiles back

Will the pandemic change health care forever?

'People are learning that your doctor can see you on the phone'
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 7 min read
Allison Suttle faces Courtney Collen during an interview about health care

Sanford chief medical officer: Don’t put your health on hold

Routine immunizations and screenings are still vital and safe to come in for
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 4 min read
CJ Ham lifts weights at Sanford POWER.

Sanford POWER, academies reopen for limited business May 11

Guidelines are in place to ensure athlete and member safety
Paul Heinert Paul Heinert 4 min read
A doctor wears a mask in front of a computer while he talks with a patient in an examination room

Don’t dismiss stroke symptoms during pandemic

Some who should seek medical attention may not because of pandemic concerns
Mick Garry Mick Garry 8 min read
Anxiety: Young man sitting at table anxiously

Addiction can intensify in pandemic, but try to connect

Sanford behavioral health experts: Try new ways to cope, and seek help if needed
Simon Floss Simon Floss 5 min read
A female scientist stands next to an antibody testing machine

Sanford Health to bring antibody testing to patients

Antibody testing can help determine who has already been infected with COVID-19
Shawn Neisteadt Shawn Neisteadt 3 min read
A man sits up on the edge of his bed, after not getting good sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep during the pandemic

Increased anxiety can cause vivid dreams, but sleep quality can be improved
Keeley Meier Keeley Meier 8 min read