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Breaking news: Sanford Health News now features push notifications.

You’re likely used to getting notifications from your social media apps whenever someone likes or comments on something you posted. You might already have notifications enabled on your news apps.

With Sanford Health News push notifications, you can be among the first to know when a new story has been published.

Why add push notifications?

Ann Nachtigal, Sanford Health News director, hopes notifications start conversations.

“We want to empower our viewers to engage with us whenever they see fit,” she said. “Like a story? Let us know. Have questions? We want to help answer those questions. Push notifications enable that first line of two-way communication.”

This is the latest feature of the newly redesigned Sanford Health News website. Sanford Health values a great patient experience — and that often starts with how easily patients can navigate Sanford Health online.

How push notifications work

You can opt in simply by selecting the red bell icon in the corner of your screen.

After a short sign-up process, you will get occasional notifications of new Sanford Health stories, hot health topics and more “pushed” onto your screen the next time you’re online. You’ll get a link directly to the story we’ve told you about.

You also can customize the types of notifications you receive. And you always have the choice to opt out if you need a break from the breaking news.

Don’t miss the latest stories from Sanford Health News. Enable web notifications today.

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