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A Sanford Health physician's family stands together for a portrait outdoors

Routine heart care hits close to home for chief physician

If you've been delaying routine care or life-saving screenings, it's time to visit your doctor
Courtney Collen 4 min read
Dr. Cauwels sits down with Sanford Health News for a Facebook Live Q&A at Sanford Imagenetics

COVID-19 vaccine soon will allow us more freedom, comfort

While you wait, continue regular care and keep masking, social distancing
Courtney Collen 8 min read
A closeup hand holds a vial of COVID-19 vaccine while an older Sanford Health nurse stands ready in the background.

COVID-19 vaccine: Separating myths from facts

Top Sanford physicians debunk myths about vaccine safety, expected immunity
Courtney Collen 10 min read
Rochelle Rindels and Matt Holsen

Almost all Society locations have had COVID-19 vaccinations

66% of residents have received their first of two doses
Matt Holsen 6 min read
Good Samaritan Society CMO Gregory Johnson, M.D.

Majority of residents have received COVID-19 vaccine

Good Samaritan Society CMO praises vaccination efforts and dispels some myths
Matt Holsen 4 min read
Sanford Chief Physician Dr. Jeremy Cauwels sits alongside Courtney Collen for a Sanford Health News Facebook Live QA

Sanford chief physician: COVID-19 isn’t safe, vaccine is

Vaccination continues for health care workers and high-risk individuals first
Courtney Collen 14 min read
Gregory Johnson, MD, Good Samaritan Society CMO

Good Samaritan Society CMO weighs in on vaccine hesitancy

Dr. Johnson says the vaccines are safe and he encourages everyone to sign up for the shot.
Matt Holsen 4 min read
Purple-capped vials of COVID-19 vaccine sit in a blue tray at Sanford Health.

The COVID-19 vaccine: Why you should get a shot

With vaccine approved, end of pandemic is in sight, say Sanford Health officials
Mick Garry 8 min read
Dr. Jeremy Cauwels sits down with Courtney Collen for a Facebook Live event

Sanford chief physician: COVID-19 vaccine a ‘game-changer’

"This is the best option we have so we don't repeat what happened this year"
Courtney Collen 10 min read
Dr. Gregory Johnson sits with Matt Holsen from SHN.

Long-term care partners with pharmacies on COVID-19 vaccine

Good Samaritan Society, CVS hope to begin vaccinating by January
Matt Holsen 8 min read