Jim Cain headshot

Ep. 21: Conversation with Board of Trustees member Jim Cain

34 min  ⋅ July 22nd
Investment banker with health care experience helps steward Sanford Health resources
Sanford Health Innovations podcast series

Ep. 20: Renowned thought leader visits Sanford Health

33 min  ⋅ May 26th
Dr. Eric Topol of Scripps Research discusses future of rural care, lessons of COVID-19

Ep. 15: COVID and the important connection to heart health

24 min  ⋅ April 11th
Dr. Tom Stys says COVID infections plus our pandemic lifestyle can make heart disease worse.
Sanford Health doctor wearinga pink breast cancer awareness lanyard smiles and speaks into a microphone.

Ep. 19: Sanford Health, NCI connect to study, prevent cancer

22 min  ⋅ January 31st
The 'Connect' study will follow participants for 10+ years
Dr. Donella Herman discusses orthobiologics during a podcast recording

Ep. 9: Regenerative medicine options for orthopedic pain

43 min  ⋅ December 13th
Harnessing the body's own resources to promote healing for orthopedic pain

Ep. 12: New treatment options for orthopedic pain

26 min  ⋅ December 6th
Regenerative medicine and orthobiologics use our own bodies in healing

Ep. 11: OB/GYN talks COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy

19 min  ⋅ October 19th
Dr. Jessica Sedevie, who received the vaccine while pregnant, dispels myths

Ep. 9: Infectious disease specialist talks COVID-19

21 min  ⋅ September 27th
Amid another COVID-19 surge, Dr. Avish Nagpal urges vaccinations
IORT is a type of radiation therapy used to treat breast cancer at Sanford Health

Ep. 5: IORT, radiation therapy treatment for breast cancer

16 min  ⋅ October 8th
Machine applies direct radiation to target area while sparing surrounding tissue
Doctor Jesse Dirksen sits in an upright posture, smiling during an interview

Ep. 4: Why a tumor board is critical to breast cancer care

26 min  ⋅ October 2nd
Physicians meet weekly to review all cancer cases and plan treatment
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Dr. Cauwels advises on safer workplaces when 'the goal is to help stop this virus'
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Hospitals are full as U.S. COVID death toll reaches 700,000

Vaccine-preventable deaths are highest in rural areas like those Sanford Health serves
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Chief Physician Jeremy Cauwels urges vaccinations in virtual COVID-19 roundtable
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Sanford Heath nurse in PPE seen through hospital room window

COVID-19 vaccination, treatment options can slow surge

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Dr. Johnson and Matt Holsen

COVID-19 vaccination can help keep long-term care open

Dr. Johnson: Even with breakthrough cases, vaccine is still the ‘right choice’
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