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Dr. Jeremy Cauwels sits down with Courtney Collen for a Facebook Live event

Sanford chief physician: COVID-19 vaccine a ‘game-changer’

"This is the best option we have so we don't repeat what happened this year"
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 10 min read
Dr. Gregory Johnson sits with Matt Holsen from SHN.

Long-term care partners with pharmacies on COVID-19 vaccine

Good Samaritan Society, CVS hope to begin vaccinating by January
Matt Holsen Matt Holsen 8 min read
Rochelle Myers sits next to Courtney Collen for a Facebook Live

Deadline looms for open enrollment, health coverage for 2021

Health insurance expert: Plan ahead to make sure you're covered next year
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 4 min read
Randy Bury and Matt Holsen sit down for a Facebook event

Good Samaritan Society CEO: There’s hope for end of pandemic

Mask up, celebrate holidays safely until everyone gets vaccine, says Randy Bury
Matt Holsen Matt Holsen 5 min read
Dr. Santiago Lopez explains which masks are best in fighting the spread of the coronavirus

What kind of mask is best? Ask an infectious disease doctor

Dr. Santiago Lopez shows how more layers mean more protection from COVID-19
Simon Floss Simon Floss 6 min read
Dr. Susan Hoover and Dr. Allison Suttle join Sanford Health News for a Facebook Live

Vaccine ‘promising’ as virus spreads across Upper Midwest

If we're all responsible, COVID-19 numbers will go down, says Dr. Suttle
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 10 min read
Three Sanford Health employees sit talking in a conference room, spaced 6 feet apart from each other.

Sanford cares for its caregivers as human beings first

Caregivers feel pandemic stressors too, and Sanford Health is here to help
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 3 min read
Illustration of Swiss cheese with holes, each slice labeled with a different COVID-19 precaution: getting vaccinated, wearing a face mask, washing hands, social distancing, staying home if you're sick.

The more layers you have, the safer you’ll be from viruses

Protect yourself Swiss cheese style, says Sanford CMO Allison Suttle, MD
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 3 min read
Light and dark blue infographic showing medical icons next to text: "COVID-19 HIGH RISK SAFETY PRECAUTION CHECKLIST: Get a flu shot. Wear a mask. Practice social distancing. Wash your hands often. Limit outings. Get creative socially."

At risk for severe COVID-19? Rely on your support system now

Limit your exposure by staying home more, avoiding crowds over holidays
Courtney Collen Courtney Collen 6 min read
Tom Syverson (left) sits down with Sanford Health News' Simon Floss (right) to discuss voting, visitations, and vaccine updates at The Good Samaritan Society

Voting, COVID-19 & flu: Advice for seniors

Good Samaritan Society helps residents to safely exercise their rights
Simon Floss Simon Floss 6 min read