Sanford POWER Golf Academy helps players keep their edge

Winter is the perfect time to work on your game.

Sanford POWER Golf Academy helps players keep their edge

Through the Sanford POWER Golf Academy, golfers are able to conduct year-round training and play winter golf at the Willow Run golf course and Sanford Sports Complex. Willow Run and the Sanford Sports Complex allows golfers and the Sanford POWER team to coordinate their off-season training. They can do this with the strength and conditioning programs at the Sanford Fieldhouse. As a result, these specialized programs help golfers not to lose touch with their swing, and help take care of their body.

“Sadly, golf is not like riding a bike,” said Sanford POWER Golf Academy director Todd Kolb. “It’s a skill that requires ongoing repetition in order to see real progress.”

Kolb suggests keeping a club in your hands for 30 to 40 minutes a week during the winter. As a result, progress can be seen when the courses open back up.

“The winter months provide a unique opportunity to work on swing skills, along with golf-specific fitness training.” Kolb said.

Furthermore, Kolb recommends working with the trained and certified golf experts at the Fieldhouse. This will ensure you find the right program.

“We’re launching a multitude of new programs for not only competitive junior golfers, but adults as well,” Kolb said.

Mobility and strength programs remain key

The programs also include golf movement and ability, one-on-one swing training, and nutrition help. This can help to keep your body in peak golf-form.

“Our ability to move is the foundation to do anything,” said Lisa MacFadden, Ph.D., director of the Sanford Sports Science Institute. “Our body needs to have the capacity to perform what we are asking it to do at any level. Good mobility, stability and strength means a more powerful and consistent swing.”

She and her team also offer swing analysis and movement mobility programs to improve swings. For those seriously looking to improve their swing, the Sanford Sports Science Institute can provide a 3D evaluation of your movement.

“Now is a great time to get started with off-season golf training,” MacFadden said. “We can show you how to take care of your body, plus how we’ll be able to improve your game next year at Great Shots.”

Programs catered to the individual

As a result of the Sanford POWER Golf Academy, golfers can expect a program that fits their skill type.

“If I go into a lesson struggling, Todd will be able to find the issue and correct it,” Ryan Neff, the 2018 South Dakota Boy’s State AA Champion said. “I always leave with a lot more confidence.”

Former LPGA golfer Cindy Rarick also worked with the Golf Academy. She agrees the training she garnered from working with the team can undoubtedly improve anyone’s golf game.

“Coming into this experience, I was curious about learning how to become more flexible and how to gain more strength,” Rarick said. “The golf-specific exercises gave me both.”

No matter the skill level, the Sanford POWER Golf Academy will work with golfers to enhance every aspect of their game. This includes swing strength to flexibility, and everything in between.

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