Former LPGA star tests Sanford’s newest golf technology

Even pro golfers can learn from new motion-capture tools.

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Former LPGA star Cindy Rarick came into her consultation at the Sanford POWER Golf Academy with a wealth of golf knowledge. But in the 90 minutes she spent with the Golf Academy, she saw advancements in golf technology that were new even to her.

“Several of the stretches and motion-capturing tools I was shown are brand new to me,” she said. “I certainly wasn’t aware of how your body is supposed to turn rotationally compared to what it does if you subconsciously fake the move. I realized my lack of flexibility was where I needed to focus my attention.”

Motion-capture technology and your golf swing

Rarick recently stopped by to experience Sanford’s new Golf Performance Diagnostics consultation. She got her start on the tour in 1985 and collected six professional wins throughout her career.

“I was curious about all of it,” Rarick said. “I was curious about learning how to become more flexible and stronger. I’m always interested in learning new golf specific exercises that enhance my game.”

The three-part consultation includes a golf swing analysis from PGA training professional and POWER Golf Academy Director Todd Kolb. New motion-capturing technology allows golfers to instantly record their swing and see errors in their swing resulting from faulty biomechanics.

Who benefits from high-tech golf sessions

“We work with a wide range of skill levels,” Kolb said. “We can help those who are looking to play at the highest level, or we can teach basic instruction to those who are new to the game.”

In addition to Kolb, the consultation includes:

  • a session with Sanford POWER physical therapists who will develop a workout plan unique to your body’s needs
  • a club-fitting session with an Austad’s Golf expert

Sanford’s year-round golf entertainment facility, Great Shots, opens in late 2019 and caps the POWER Golf Academy’s new assets. By including the diagnostics consultation in the same golf facility, Sanford will be the epicenter for all things golf.

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