COVID-19 Q&A: Stacy Wrightsman on state of community

Community relations leader unveils new web page listing ways public can help

COVID-19 Q&A: Stacy Wrightsman on state of community

While everyone feels the continued effects of the novel coronavirus, the state of our community is strong.

“We are in good hands,” said Stacy Wrightsman, executive director of community relations for Sanford Health, during a Facebook Live Q&A on April 27 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Wrightsman talks about the leadership internally at Sanford Health and externally through collaborations with city, county and state leaders.

Watch: Facebook Live Q&A with Stacy Wrightsman

During the Facebook Live, Wrightsman introduced a new page on with more information about how you can help, including blood donations, cloth masks for indirect caregivers and monetary donations to the Emerging Threats Fund.

But if you’re wondering about whether to postpone those spring and summer events, we just don’t know all those answers yet.

“We’re looking at through June, for sure, we won’t be gathering,” Wrightsman said. “That said, I’m pleased with businesses reaching out to Sanford, even individually, to say, ‘How can we begin to think about what the new normal is? How can we open our doors in a safe way?'”

No matter the situation, Wrightsman said, her team is here to help.

“Our team is still relating, we’re still connecting, building and fostering those relationships. We’re being more creative with how we’re doing it. But we’re still there,” Wrightsman said. “We will get through this.”

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